Johnlock: Teenlock

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I walked to my locker to get my books for the next lesson, when I heard footsteps. It was Sam. "Hey Sherlock! Buddy! How are you doing? Still no friends, huh?" god, I hate him. He is the biggest bully on my school. "I'm going to our next lesson." When I walked away, I felt a hand on my chest. "you're in my way, nerd." He pulled me against my locker and I felt his fist in my stomach. I fell on the ground. I'm a coward. "That's better. See you in History class! Loser." Slowly I stood up and walked to the next lesson. "And why are you so late, Sherlock? I don't tolerate that. I thought you knew that." Mrs Smith looked angry. "I'm sorry I couldn't find my books." Without waiting for an answer, I walked to my chair and sat down. "I'd like to introduce our new student: John Watson. Come over here, John. Don't be shy." I saw a small but strong guy appearing. His blond hair is really cute. Gosh his whole face is cute. I felt like a girl. He walked slowly in my direction and he sat next to me. "erm... hi. I'm John."

Ignoring him would be better, I suppose. Even though I'm gay, I never show my feelings. To anyone. Sam is bullying me since he knows that I'm gay. Why can't people just accept me for who I am?! "... and that's how I came here." I frowned. "sorry, what?" John smirked. "I was telling how and why I came here." The bell rang. Break. We sat down in the canteen and got to know each other. My ignoring plan isn't going very well. "Look who's here! Our faggot! Do you have a friend? Woah guys this is very, very rare!" it was Sam with his other bully-friends. After 5 minutes they left. "What the hell was that about?!" john looked angry. "I'm gay. Now you know." I looked down. "No that's not what I mean. I mean, why are they bullying you?! that doesn't make any sense!"

*3 weeks passed, and it was spring break. *

"any vacation plans?" John asked. "Well... do you want to go out tonight? To a club or something? It's not really my area but..." "-yeah that'd be great! I'll see you at nine." It was 8.30 p.m. and I'm really nervous. I really have feelings for John. But he isn't gay, obviously. I drove to John's house. He stood outside. "hey! You look erm... nice!" I said nervously. "haha thanks. So do you!" he blushed and stepped into my car.

We arrived at the club and walked inside. It wasn't a very well-known club so we knew no-one. But we didn't mind. "Woah the music is so loud here!" I shouted to John. "Yes, I know right!" after one hour of intense dancing, we walked to another, more quiet room. "Listen, Sherlock. I have to tell you something... don't be mad, please." He sighed and rubbed his sweaty hands casual against his pants. "I... erm... I like you. Yes, I'm gay." My mind kind of exploded. I deduced something wrong. john likes me. I like him. "could you please stop that creepy staring and... answer...?" I nodded. "erm John, I've never did this before and I want you to be my first time so..." I placed my hands in his neck and leaned slowly towards him. I was only 1 inch away from him and we could feel each other's breath. John became impatient and closed the gap between us. I felt his tongue in my mouth. This new feeling was... very.... Great. "OHMYGOD GUYS! THE FAGGOTS ARE KISSING!" we stopped the kiss abruptly and stared at Sam. John stood up and walked towards Sam. "I bet you never had anyone. Not a boy, but also not a girl. So would you please shut up? You're interrupting us." He took my hand and pulled me towards him. We continued our kiss in front of Sam. After 3 minutes we heard him ran away and gently stopped our kiss. "That was... that thing... that you did... that was really nice. I love you, John Watson." He giggled like a girl and whispered. "I love you too, boyfriend."

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