Harry P.O.V.

“Harry?” I heard.

“Harry would you wake up, you have the dishes to do.” I heard again.

I fluttered open my eyes, to see my mom. I groaned and turned, facing my pillows. She pulled on my blanket, uncovering me.

“C’mon, be downstairs in 5.” She said before leaving my room.

I looked over my shoulder at the time. 10h12. Yeah, I guess I should wake up. I stood up from my bed, and threw on some sweats that were lying on the ground. I then grabbed the white T-Shirt I wore yesterday and smell it. It doesn’t stink, so I threw it on. I looked over at my phone. I unlocked it and saw Kim’s pretty face on my lock screen. I miss her; it makes 3 weeks since I left. We sometimes makes Skype, but it’s hard because of the time line. I put my phone in my pockets, and went downstairs. I headed to the kitchen where I saw mum talking with Robin. I waved at Robin and kissed mum on the cheek. I then remembered they had stopped to talk.

“Why did you stop talking?” I asked.

“No reason.” Mum said. “Could you empty the dish washer honey please?”

“Sure.” I said walking to the dishwasher as mum and Robin were going in the living room.        

I finished emptying the dishwasher and grabbed a cereal box. I poured some in a bowl, added some milk and grabbed a spoon. I sat on a stool around the counter, grabbed my phone, and scrolled through my apps while eating. I suddenly heard a knock on the door.

“Honey could you go get it please?” Mom asked.

“Sure.” I managed to say with my mouth filled.

I hurried to swallow and put another spoon in my mouth before running to the door. I opened it, and saw a girl, her back facing me. I swallowed and started to talked.

“Can I help you?” I asked.

The girl turned and I recognize Kim.

“OH MY GOD!!! KIM IS THAT YOU?” I asked pulling her into a big bear hug.

“Haha, yes it’s me Harry.” She said hugging me tighter.

I raised my head to see Louis, Liam and Zayn. They were coming our way with 2 suitcases in their hands. Kim loosens her grip around my waist, and turned to go help them out.

“No, you are staying right here.” I said, pulling her back onto my chest.

“Harry, I need to go help them.” She said, trying to put away my arms.

“Nah.” I said, throwing her on my shoulder.

She started to kick and to laugh at the same time.

“Harry, let go of me.” She said, laughing.

“Nah, I’m not letting you leave this time.” I said.

“You were the one that left last time.” She reminded me. “Just saying.” She added  

I rolled my eyes and put her back on the ground. The guys came in.

“Wait, you guys knew about it and nobody told me.” I asked.

Liam was about to talk, but mum came in before.

“Oh, finally, you are here. I’m Anne, Harry’s mom.” She said, hugging Kim.

“Wait you knew about it too?” I asked.

“Yes, she politely called me and asked if she could stay at home. She is such a mannerly young girl.” She said.

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