I rubbed my head as i sat in the council chambers and  Arthur had taken Gwen out and Merlin with him for protection. The writing on the parchments below me were begining to look blurry so i turned to the guard that was with me.

"send for Gaius" he nodded and left i stood up from my chair and walked aroud seeingif that would work infact it made things worse.

SMASH!!! the glass of the windows crashed to the ground

"what?" was the last thing i said before i blacked out

*3rd person*

the doors opened the Avalon council chambers and the first thing that Gaius saw was not the young Queen sitting at her table tending to business but infact she was face flat on the floor with shards of glass around her.

"you." he pointed to a guard "go for the King he will be on the training grounds...quickly" the guard ran off while Gaius turned her over onto her back and began to examine her. Meanwhile on the training field the knights were interrupted on their extra training.

"your highness you are needed in the Avalon council chambers immediately." the Guard informed Mordred. he stopped and looked at the guards face knowing something was immediately wrong. he dropped his sward and took off running.

the doors were open upon arrival and Mordred could have died at what he saw. his wife and Queen sprawled on her back with Gaius tending to her. glass from the broken windows everywhere.

"Alexandra" he rushed to her side and knelt down.

"she is just unconscious my lord but we need to moved her to your chambers" Gaius told the King who nodded and lifted his love into his arms and carried her away.

"close this room off until further notice." the guards nodded and closed the doors taking guard. In their chambers Alaya tended to her mistress changing her. then Gaius continued to examine her.

"there are no obvious signs to her state my lord it was if she just fell asleep."

"she can't have Gaius it would be almost impossible for her she's stubborn enough to stay awake at the best of times."

"i know that but i know something is different she must have felt something before hand to have called for me"  a vase of flowers burst sent water and flowers everywhere.

"what just happened" Mordred questioned. Gaius looked to the Queen and checked her eyes they were lit gold as if she was doing magic.

"it seems to be the Queen's powers look"

"they're gold how can they be? they never stay gold for this long"


da dum da dum da dum da dum da du da dum da dum i heard through my head.

"can you hear that?" i asked looking all around

"what my lord" Gaius wondered

"it's like two heartbeats can you not hear it? they're clears as day"  Gaius' eyes flickered in recognition as he rolled down the sheets on looked through his medicine bag and pulled something out before leaning down and pressing it to Alexandra's stomach. he listened for a few minutes.

"well i asked" the noise quieter now in my head. Gaius stood from his position.

"congratulations sire, the Queen is with child" 

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