Postscript: Mitchell's Letter to Carrie

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After I finished “Stay”, I’d always intended to one day return to Carrie and Mitchell’s story, even if it was only a short scene but of course after Mitchells’ heartbreaking end, there would be no more further scenes between them but I felt as though there had to be some kind of ending so I created this letter from Mitchell to his wife. I imagined Mitchell writing it on the beach, after he had finally dispatched Herrick and watched one last sunrise, on what would be his last day of existence.


 I can scarcely believe I am writing you this letter. And when I say I was human the last time I sat down and wrote a proper letter, you will know it has been a very long time! Though after seeing you again so recently and for all the wrongs I have done to you during our time together, it is only right that I say goodbye to you.

 And I’m sorry that I cannot be here for you, that I must break our promise. When you came to me again Carrie, it blew me away, our love was a revelation to me, the knowledge that time could not erase us. You gave me hope for a future I did not dare to hope for. Though the truth is, I do not deserve you or my friends, I never did. I am a killer and have done such terrible things…So much has happened since you last saw me, you might already know by now…Though when you do find out, I don’t expect you to ever forgive me. There’s no turning back from the terrible atrocity I have committed. I no longer deserve existence; annihilation is all I have left. I am sorry I failed you.

 The last time we met, I remember what you said, is it right for anyone to live as we do, to live endlessly? I have so many memories, more than I deserve. Though some of the best ones were with you, my wife. As I write to you now, I’m by the sea, watching the sunrise. I know how much you love to be by the sea, remember the day after our wedding? We ended up somewhere in North Wales on this deserted beach and we spent all day there as if it was just the two of us in the whole world…I sometimes think our kind are a plague that should be wiped from off the face of the Earth, for the sake of humanity. But then I think of you, of your compassion and all the good you have done, confounding expectations and showing our kind in a better light. ‘Cause Jesus! We need someone brave and unique like you, fighting for our humanity. You truly are an exceptional woman and I was lucky to have known you.

 Carrie, I failed, it won in the end. And though faith has never played a part in our lives… If there is a God I pray that same fate does not befall you. Though you are so much stronger than I ever was.

 Carrie Mitchell, Keep living the life I could never live. And all I ask of you is to remember the man I was once was, the man you loved.

‘Til death us do part…

 Your loving husband,

John MItchell

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