Today is the first day of class and I have so much to tell Harry.I get to potions class early and see him sitting alone at a table reading his potions book.I walk over and sit next to him.

"Morning Harry." I tell him.

"Hey Alex.You can sit if you want.Seat isn't taken yet."he tells me with a smile.I sit and soon class starts.Harry and I make a great team in this class and soon it's over.Out of the corner of my eye I see Draco walking towards us.

"Potter,what are you doing stealing my girlfriend."Draco tells Harry snidely but Harry spits right back at him"Nothing,she came and sat with me Malfoy and if you don't mind I have quidditch practice."Harry leaves and I stay with Draco."What are you doing,Alex.Sitting with Potter.Whats going on with you?"he asks me.

"Come on Draco.Nothing is wrong,I'm just nervous for tryouts today."I give him a kiss on the cheek and he dismisses the subject.We leave and walk out to the quidditch field.I change and grab my broom then go back.I can see a confrontation on the field and walk over."Whats going on?"I ask Draco but he is to busy yelling at Harry.I walk over to Harry.He sees me and smiles and I smile back.

"Potter,what are you doing smiling at my girl.She will never be with you.Do you know who she is?"Draco asks Harry and I know where this is going."She is Voldemorts daughter.She will be your undoing so back off."Draco and the others turn to leave but I stay with Harry.Draco doesn't even notice that I stay."I have a question.The tri-wizard tournament is coming and if you aren't already going with someone,would you go with me to the ball."I smile and accept then I practice with the Gryffindor team for a while then we all leave to eat.

On the way we pass McGonagall and she smiles at all of us including me.We walk into the hall and I sit with Harry and the others.We talk and they don't even treat me like the Slytherins do.We talk for a while longer until Hermione brings up the dance and Harry tells her.She smiles at me then we talk about what we are going to wear and soon I get caught up into the conversation.I leave and walk back to the dorm and go to bed early.

Its dark and in the shadows a man steps out.He walks over to me and I can see who it is.My father.I look behind him and see Harry lying on the ground.I run over and see that he is dead.I turn around and pull out my wand."Avada Kedevra!"Before I can even cast anything he kills me.I fall and land next to Harry."Now you two can be together forever."He smiles down at me and then I start to wake up.

 I change and head back down to the lake to see Harry.I walk over and sit down on a rock and wait for Harry to show up.He does and we talk."Alex,why don't you talk to Dumbledore about switching houses.I see how much fun you have and you get along well with the rest of us.I'll go with you if you want me to."I smile."Sure.I mean I don't see what it could hurt."We sit there until sunrise and I lay my head on his shoulder.

We walk back to the castle and I go and change.We meet back in the Great Hall to eat.I eat bacon,eggs, buscuits,gravy,and 2 glasses of oj before we leave for Dumbledore's office.We walk down the hall to his office and step inside.Dumbledore is reading a book and looks up and us when we walk in."Hello children.What can I do for you today?"We sit in front of his desk."I was wondering if I could switch houses.I feel like I don't belong in Slytherin house."He gets up and walk over to a shelf and takes down the same hat that sorted me and puts it back on my head.

"Well.Never thought I would be seeing you again.Lets see.I think I may have put you where you do not belong.I think that you may belong in Gryffindor."I get up and smile at Harry.He smiles back,"Ms.Riddle.You may go and get your things from your former dorm.I will see that your robes are changed and that you may have a spot on the quidditch team.Mr.Potter I expect for you to show Ms.Riddle around."he winks at Harry then turns around and walks back where he came from.

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