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Alex Gaskarth

"Tay!" I feel Vic and Kelling restraining me from running into the burning bus. "Let me go in there!"

"You'll burn!" Vic shouts, pulling me back. 

"Tay's in there!" I try to push Kellin away from me, without any luck. I give one more desperate push and Kellin suddenly lets go of me. I run forward, taking Vic y surpirse and he lets go of me too. I run towards the bus and almost automatically start reeling back from the heat and start coughing relentlessly from the smoke. 

I find the door and open it, and almost yell out from the pain of the fire. I cover my mouth and nose with my t-shirt. I can't go in there, but I have to. I'm not going to let Tay burn to her death. 

"Easy tiger," someone pushes me out of the way. One of the firemen. Before I know what I'm doing they're slowly starting to put out the fire. 

"We're lucky it didn't spread to any other buses," a tall man with steely grey eyes says grimly. "Tonight could have been a lot worse," 

I step into the tourbus but I'm pushed out of the way, yet again. Why don't they get it? I have to make sure Tay's alright, make sure she's alive. 

This time, it's paramedics and there's an ambulance parked a few meters away. Vic and Kellin gently lead me away so that people carrying various oxygen tanks and stretchers can get past. Someone's checking a burn on Dahvie arm. 

The urge to run over to him and punch him square in the face is almost uncontrollable. But I stay outside the tourbus and wait for them to bring out Tay. After what seems like centuries, they finally carry someone out on the stretcher. 

"Is he-?"

"She's alive," one of the medics say. "But we're taking her to the hospital,"

I glance at Tay. She's got bandages on her arms and legs, but her face avoided the worst of the fire. She probably held her arms up to her face to protect them. Her eyebrows are a little singed and parts of her hair is charred. But she's alive and that's all that matters to me. 

"Can I come?" I ask. 

"Sit in the back of the ambulance if you like," one of them nods. "Are you family?"

"Sort of," I can barely speak. My throat's raw and scratchy from the smoke but I push that thought away.,

"I'll come in there too," Jordan Eckes pipes up. "Rob, Mike and Cameron are going to stay behind,"

"Do you think you'll have to pull out of Warped?" I ask Jordan when we sit in the back of the ambulance. We each take one of Tay's hands. My eyes go blurry with tears. I try to push any thoughts about what could have happened to Tay out of my mind. 

"Probably," Jordan bites his lip. "I think we should, give Tay a chance to rest,"

"Why is she unconcious?" I ask one of the paramedics in the ambulance. She's stocky and red-haired. 

"Blacked out from lack of oxygen I suppose," she replies. "I'm very sorry about tonight,"

We sit in silence for most of the journey. I ask the stocky girl if she's got any throat lozognes and she says that she'll give me some at the hospital. 

When we get there, Tay's immediately rushed off to the emergency room and Jordan and I aren't allowed in because we aren't "close family". 

"That's bat shit!" Jordan roars at the receptionist. "We're like her brothers!"

"Like her brothers," the bitchy receptionist smirks. "Not proper brothers. Sorry, take a seat. I can't give you boys privilleges just 'cos you're rock stars and shit. That's what you were hoping for, weren't you?"

Jordan glares at her and sits down huffily on one of the plastic chairs. I get a text from Jack, asking if I want him to come down and be with him. I reply telling him to come if he likes but I mention that we're not being let in. 

Half an hour later, Amy Lee and Hayley join us. 

"Is she alright?" Hayley asks, looking tear-stricken. "Why aren't you being let in?"

"Because we're not immediate family," I reply grouchily. 

"We'll stay here if you like," Amy offers. "You go back to Warped and get some rest. The festival's moving on in the morning,"

"We might be pulling out," Jordan replies. "I'm pretty sure they're going to make Tay rest,"

"Even so, get some rest," Hayley says gently. "It won't do any of you good to be up all night. We'll keep you posted, promise,"

After a bit of convinving, Jordan and I drag ourselves outside the hospital and wander around until we find a cab. But then we realise we've got no cash on us so we walk about two miles to where Warped was set up. Just as we're arriving, everyone's helping to take down the stages and are getting ready to move on to the next spot. 

"Any news?" Jack hugs me when I get back. 

"They're not telling us down the hospital," Jordan informs him. "And we might have to pull out,"

"This is all Dahvie and Jayy's fault," Cameron says angrily. "If they weren't lined up for Warped and if they weren't such little pricks then none of this wouldn't have happened! Tay wouldn't have nearly been killed!"

Taylor Jardine

I slowly open my eyes and I'm staring up at a bright, pristine white ceiling. I can hear weird machine noises and burn cream. I try to sit up straight but wince in pain when I try to move my arms. I yank off a white blanket covering me and find myself wearing some weird white night gown and my arms all bandaged up. Where the hell am I?

"Nice to see you've woken up," a little brunette nurse says to me. "We were all very worried about you,"

"Where am I? Who are you?" I blink at her. 

"Aimee," the nurse replies. "You're in hospital, love. Don't you remember what happened?"

"No," I shake my head. "Where's Alex? Jordan? Cameron? Can I see them?"

"Are they your brothers?" Aimee smiles. 

"Bandmates. Well, Jordan and Cam are. So's Mike and Rob...but Alex is my best friend. Please can I see him?"

"I'm afraid it's family only for now love," Aimee shakes her head. "Is Alex the one with the brown hair and brown eyes...rose tatoo on his hand?" 

"Him," I nod. I close my eyes and cough. My throat aches. I open my eyes can again. "Can I have some water?"

"Definitely," Aimee nods. She looks at me and hesitates. "About your voice and singing, love...well nothing's certain but there might be a possibility that you won't be able to sing anymore...sorry. I just thought I'd prepare you for the news," and with that, Aimee scurries out of the room and for the first time in a long time, I genuienly cry. 

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