Nicholes day

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A/N: I skipped to Nichole's birthday to speed shit up. btw comment what ya think so far. It's Saturday in this part.


Morgans POV

I wake up early today. I couldn't sleep, that whole thing that happen yesterday with roc bothered me. I feel like I cheated, but it's not cheating if I liked it right? right cuz I didn't like it! anyway today's is my besties bday and luckily my plan worked. I asked Nichole's mom for her dad's number and he answered and said he would love to do it. so the plan is to pretend we all forgot her birthday. then Ima take her to the mall act like im buying an outfit for me buts it's really for her. Then Ima make sure she's out of sight so she won't know that what I'm buying is something she always wanted. She wants the taxis, she wants this nirvana shirt, along with a misfit shirt. I know this because she's been saying it for the past week.

"Hey Nichole want to go to the mall? I need a couple of stuff."

"Uh sure?" she said confused.

Nichole's POV'

Today's my birthday!!!!. But I think my best friend forgot -_-. she didn't even mention the shit to me. this hoe. did ray forget? i sure hope not. Ima text him and see.

Text convo--

Me- hay bae😘

Ray- hey boo wyd

Me- going to the mall with Morgan. you ?

Ray- chillin with the boys

He totally forgot I wanna cry right now. this isn't cool.

Me- well do you know what today is?

Ray- Saturday....why Lml

Me- just askin ttyl babe😘

End of convo--

Did he really forget? Are you serious!? my best friend forgot and my boyfriend forgot. did my mother forget too?! like shit. On top of that, my dad can't keep in contact cuz he's in the army. I'm so mad but I ain't gonna show it. I'll just go to the mall with Morgan or w.e.

"Ready?" she asked me all hype

"Yea w.e"

Morgans POV'

My plan is totally working. she thinks we forgot. her dad came back a couple days ago but we haven't told her. I'm taking her to the mall to secretly get her stuff and so the rest of them can decorate the house and set up for the surprise.

--------at the mall-------

"Okay let's go to hot topic first. okay?"

"Sure I guess" she said quite disappointed. she has no clue what's going on.

"Okay look on the other side while I look over here. okay?" I went to where the shirts are, got both shirts she wanted and paid.

"I got it Nichole c'mon"

"What you get?"

"Nothing just some shirts. let's go to footlocker I want a pair of sneakers."

"Suuuuure. *mumbles* cuz I'm no longer important"

"Huh?" I know what that hoe said Lml

"Nothing" so we are in footlocker and I see the taxis. I had her sit down on the opposite side of footlocker so she won't see me purchase the sneakers. let me back track a lil. I've been saving up so that's how I can afford this shit. anyway she listened of course cuz she's pissed. we left footlocker and I texted ray to see if they were done

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