The idea

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It was crazy. Absolutely mad. John shook his head. Never!

To be honest, it was John who had suggested that Sherlock surf the internet to cure his boredom. And Sherlock had met a boy. Rather, talked to a boy. The boy was an exchange student, he needed a home to stay at, and suddenly a world of opportunities presented itself to Sherlock. A partner to help him, while John was at work! And none of the drama - Sherlock wouldn't dare get emotionally attached to the boy! A fresh start.

John pleaded, but to no avail. Sherlock had it all planned out. It was then Sherlock discovered that he could not just take that boy, he was one of a lot of other children that needed a home. They needed to apply for it. Not hindered in the least, Sherlock had decided that they go apply today. John sighed.

Of course, the application was accepted and sent on to be randomly delivered to a child. Sherlock meanwhile, was acting as enthusiastically as he could about one of his ideas. He had no idea what to do, though - clueless how to treat a teenager. John had to explain to him that teenagers couldn't do everything, you still had to take care of them. Sherlock furrowed his brow. That had not been part of his plan.

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