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"Kenna...were going into Atlanta.." Kylee looked at me nervously.

"Am I going?" I looked at her eagerly.

"No! You're still hurt!" I frowned harshly.

"It's been two weeks! I'm healed!" I sat on the bed. "I don't want you to go without me!"

"Kenna I'll be fine, promise," She said seriously.

"Fine!" I stood and stormed out of the RV. I ran straight into the forest. I looked around, my face dropped. "E-Erik...?" I looked at the bloodied man in front of me.

"K...ke...nna..." His voice was horse. "I...am...so...sorry..." A tear streamed down his bruised face.

"Who did this?!" My voice was sharp as I kneeled in front of him.

"D...Daryl...and Kylee..." He whispered softly.

"I'm going to kill them." I untied him standing him up. We both walked back to the camp. I stormed passed all of the people. "KYLEE!" I roared. "First you leave me here when your going to Atlanta. Then you bloodied a man! What the hell?!" I was scared by how cruel my voice sounded.

Kylee slowly came out of the RV. "H-he hurt you.." She looked at me sadly.

"So?!" I basically growled.

"I'm sorry!!" She yelled back.

"Alright." I turned to Erik and he cringed. "Your leaving!"

"O-okay.." He turned to leave. I grabbed his arm.

"Oh no your going to tell me why!" My face was hard as I glared at him.

"I found a letter threatening my family.." Erik looked away and I let him go. He walked away.

"Kenna...I'm sorry." Carl wrapped me in his arms as he hugged me softly.

((AN: and at this point my brain said fuck it I'm going off track with this story and making up all of it! well except the farm and places but ya know. I may kill off Rick who knows!))

~~~~Daryl's pov!~~~~

"Ky!" I called in my gruff voice. "Time to go!" I looked around at the people coming with us, Andrea, Glenn, and Shane. At the moment, Kenna and Carl were trying to convince Lori and Ky to let them go too. I knew Kenna was very capable but I wasn't sure about Carl.

"Ugh! Fine you guys can come!" I heard Kylee and Lori at the same time. I chuckled deeply shaking my head at them as both teens bounded over.

"Daryl. I need a gun." Kenna chirped and held her small hand out towards me. I lifted a brow at her with a smirk. I placed a knife in her hand. "Daryl. I said gun."

I looked at Ky, questioningly. "It's fine Daryl." I placed a gun in her hand.

"Thank you." She handed the knife to Carl as she put the gun in the waist band of her pants.

"Yeah. Whatever," I said in a dull tone.

"When do we leave," Kenna's voice was soft and she looked at us all.

"Now." Glenn spoke up. I looked over at the man that spoke. He was Asian and had black hair. Kenna's head snapped to Glenn.

"Now?!" Her voice was surprised.

"Yes." I said gruffly.

_________Later that day_Kenna's P.O.V.__

I sighed as I stood with Andrea in the front of the store. I ran my hands over the silky material of the clothes. My hand stopped on the softness of a silk breast cancer scarf. I felt tears spring to my eyes. My mother died of breast cancer. I took it off as I looked at Rick, Lori husband. "You gonna arrest me?" I teased.

"Nope!" He smiled and spoke. "How are Lori and Carl?"

"Good but... Never mind." I stopped not wanting to get involved.


Carl looked at us and panted. "Kenna. Ky wants you."

"Okay. Stay here." Carl nodded and walked over to his dad.

I walked up the stairs and greeted Daryl. "Hey."

He nodded at me, "Hey kid."

I shoved him, "Don't call me that old man."

He grinned, " I'm not that old you know. "

"Whatever helps you sleep at night."

"Kenna leave the old man alone," Kylee smirked at the both of us.

"I am not!" He grabbed Ky and pressed his lips to hers.

"Guys! Gross!" I pressed my hands to my eyes.

"Heh." Ky's cheeks were bright red.

"So Ky what did you want?"

"When we get back we should throw a party for Rick," her face was still red as Daryl held her.

I smiled, "We should!"


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