chapter 3

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Abbie's P.O.V:

Today was one of the worst days of my life. I had to go to my new college for the first time. Even though I only have a month left before im free from school forever. It was just not the same without Jake it just feels like an empty spot with him not here. I was missing him so much so I texted him and asked if I could skype him. He replied "no sorry im at the airport". "phone me asap!" "hey beautiful" Jake said. I  replied "hi why on earth are you at the airport?" "I missed you so much Abbie I just had to get the earliest flight to Spain your the love of my life i couldnt stand to be without you. Dont worry bout mum and mark they're moving here as soon as they find a place in spain and sell their house here." replied jake. "aww thats so sweet and their is a cottage in our garden I'll get it set up and we can live in there." I said. he replied "aww thats great we've finally got privacy anyway I've got to go board the plane love you so much see you soon." "I love you too I will meet you at the airport at 5." I replied. I cant believe he has gone through all this trouble for me I cant wait for him to get here now!

Jake's P.O.V:

I missed Abbie so much I had to go be with her. I phoned her earlier and told her and she said we can live in the cottage in her garden. I phoned her mum after I got off the phone to Abs and asked her to book us a table at a restraunt as I am going to propose to her tonight. We've been through so much together and I want this to be so special. I have been planning to do it for ages. I have spoke to Annabel (Abbie's mum), my mum and mark and they all agree and have gave me permission. Mum helped me pick the ring everythings sorted and now I just hope everything goes to plan.

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