Chapter 1

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Chapter 1:

"Good Morning Poppy" I turn to see my co-worker Justin. I groan in response, i'm exhausted I don't have the energy to speak right now. I was outside all night because the rain wouldn't let me dry and I couldn't sleep because I was paranoid that someone would pass by and see me.

"Well looks like someone didn't get enough sleep last night." Tell me about it. I walk towards my desk and see that stock of papers my boss has left me, great.

"Looks like Mr.Olsen is free today" he jokes as he read the list he left me.

I glare at him and rip the paper out of his hand before looking at all the things I have to get done by today which is pretty much the useless things that my boss Mr.Olsen could have done by himself.

I wonder what the boys from last night are doing? i cant help but think about if they actually saw me and remember me.

they're probably not going to use that boat for a while, after that dramatic experience who would?

I groan grabbing my head with my hands, I can't concentrate right now, i just need to go home and sleep.

I stand up and head to the break room to get a cup of coffee, its my only hope to stay awake. I grab a cup putting it under the machine letting it fill up.

"There you are." I turn around to see Mr.Olsen with one of his creepy smiles, that only means one thing. He wants something. I have the urge to roll my eyes and throw my coffee at him but what good would come out of that?

"Here i am" I try not to sound so uninterested and sarcastic.

"I need to talk to you about something important, so come up to my office when you finish making your coffee alright?" He raises his eyebrows, I nod turning back around to my precious coffee.

I add two sugars, one cream and mix it before putting the lid on and walking towards the elevator doors. I couldn't help but let the nerves take over as the elevator dinged, signaling that the elevator has stopped.

Okay just breathe in, I bet he just wants to talk about yesterdays paperwork or something.

"take a seat, there's a couple of things i need to talk to you about." i carefully sit down in one of his white leather chairs that he is so fondly of.

"Now, now no need to be nervous. This is good news. I've been watching you the last week and I want to congratulate you on your hard work. All the useless paper work I give you just means I want to see how you react to it. You don't usually get excited but you get the work done so thank you. Anyways back to the point I'm giving a small promotion." Promotion?"Yes you heard correctly promotion."

" Um what's the promotion ? " I ask carefully

"Well you will be helping out the unit 2 with your photography and writing skills. You will get paid double what you're getting right now too." My ears perk up at the last part. "Anyways after here just go ahead and head up" he smiles.

"Thank you sir" I stand and shake is hand. I've literally been waiting for this for about a two years and I'm finally going to get the chance to prove myself.

I smile softly as I push level 4.  When I walk in everything seems fast-paced unlike my station where everyone is just working on paperwork or answering phone calls.  People were everywhere with cameras and interviews were probably being made.

I head to the reception area where there's a blonde girl taking on the phone.

"I already told you. Ms. Jackson is in a meeting now please stop calling." She angrily hangs the phone and looks up at me.  " I swear some people don't understand. Just because you call ten times in a row doesn't mean the person they need is available." She frowns. " anyway what can I help you with?"

"Um Mr. Olsen sent me up here for-"

"Oh are you poppy?!" She asks and I slowly nod.  " we've been waiting for you" she smiles


Well the first chapter is pretty much a filly but hey... :)

December, 3, 2015

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