Chapter 1

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The first few chapters are quite short sorry but they get longer!! Just read!!
Ashley's P.O.V.

"Sammmmmmm!!!! We only have 3 weeks until magcon why aren't they selling tickets yet?!" I said to my best friend Sam.

"Ashley seriously. They will let us know at least 72 hours ahead of time when they are selling the tickets. Don't you remember?" Sam said like I was the stupidest person in earth.

"Yah yah I know I know. But I just realllly want to go!!!" I whined like the little inner 4 year old I am.

"Ashley shut up we are supposed to be quiet during announcements!" Sam scolded me.

"I'm never quiet during these stupid things." I said while sticking my tongue out at Sam. I then went on twitter because nothing important goes on as a freshman in my stupid school. Thats when I saw something that caused me to almost scream out like when the fire alarm went off for a drill that happened one day(sadly that truly happened).

"Sam. Sam. SAM!" I yelled because getting this girls attention is too hard.

"What do you want?!" she scolded me again.

"Look at this!!" I said while showing Sam my twitter. Her jaw dropped when she saw that magcon had tweeted about tickets being sold in 3 days!!!

"Oh my god!! That means we need to be ready on Saturday!" Sam said with the same excitement showing as I had. If we got to go to the magcon in New Jersey we would surely be the happiest girls in the world. This is true because we spend our days watching all of the boy's videos.

" I know!!! I can't wait! But sadly now we have to go to geometry. ugh!" I said while heading out into the halls with Sam. We had geometry at the same time but we had different classes because I was in a special honors program. My teacher was so boring I always fell asleep or went on my phone in class... but everyone did that so I wasn't alone. "Ok see you at lunch Sam. Byeeee!" I said.

"Ok bye Ashley!" Sam said.

And that's how I started to wonder if I would be able to meet my idols with my best friend. I'm not sure what will happen if we get to go.

So I won't usually do authors notes but I just wanted to say that I'm new at writing and if this really sucked I'm sorry. But please give me some constructive criticism if you have some. so yah I hope you enjoy!!

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