I ran into our room to find Elizabeth already dressed. She looked perfect, as usual, wearing a red skater skirt with a black leather crop top, partly hidden by a black and white chevron cardigan. For shoes she had on her prized white Converse which she has had for 3 years. Her long, light ombre hair was pulled back in a high ponytail that was curled.  Just then I remembered the dream. What was it again? Oh, yeah.

        That couldn't mean anything right? It was just a dream... right? Plus she already knew about Shawn and Caleen, but not about us kissing. She obviously knew about Cam cheating, and I'm guessing she had seen the photo of Matt and I, but knew nothing of the kissing. She didn't need to think all the boys around here were bad. I walked over to her and she smiled up at me.

        "Okay Mykenna. What are you gunna wear? Am I styling again?" She said standing up and moving over to my clothes. Soon enough she had found an outfit and thrust it in my arms. I sighed and quickly changed. Wow. She was good at this. I twirled a little in the full length mirror and when satisfied, exited the bathroom to find Elizabeth on her phone and as usual, smiling. She ushered me into the bathroom again and quickly straightened my hair for me. I hated wearing it up, and she knew that. She seemed a little unfocused, must be texting Nash. They were cute though. It's not like I could tell her about the dream, it had no kind of proof.

        "Hellooooo. Earth to Mykenna. Wakey wakey. Stop dreaming about kissing Matthew. Oh Matthew I love you!" She finished in a mocking tone.

        "Oh God Elizabeth, don't act so jealous." I winked and turned back to the other full length mirror across from our beds. This outfit was perfect though. I was wearing a short, light blue almost denim, skater skirt paired with a plain white tank crop top. I had on my light grey Vans, which were by far my favorite shoes. The outfit was very pretty, the kind of thing that was found only at conventions like this. I didn't mind matching with Elizabeth either.

        That just made me look better. She was 100x prettier than me. Really. She had a better figure, better hair, more attractive laugh, more put together face, and over all had this feeling when she walked through the room, everyone payed attention. Even if she didn't see this, it was true.

          "Let's goooo. Daydreaming a lot this morning, aren't ya Mykenna?" She grabbed my hand and pulled me out of my thoughts, and out of the room. We laughed about various things as we made our way down the 3 flights of stairs. Elevators took too long, she always said. We were on the subject of J.B. when I ran straight into the back of someone.

           "Oh my God I'm such a clutz I'm so sorry." I blurted out. The extremely tall figure turned around, guess who it was?

         "No worries Kenna. You look amazing today, by the way." Shawn whispered in my ear, before looking me up and down slowly. Even on a stair below me, he was probably three inches taller.

        "Like what ya see huh? No offense but you won't get that with Caleen." Elizabeth said getting right in Shawn's face. He backed up and moved to my other side, looking to have been uncomfortable with Elizabeth calling him out on his actions. She started walking down the stairs after Nash, who was about 5 stairs down.

        "Kenna, please understand all I was saying is that you looked good. Well you always do, especially on top of me." He looked swiftly to the ground after blurting out the last part. I tried to hold in a laugh but I couldn't, his face was so unbelievably embarrassed, I felt terrible.

        "That was the best kiss I've ever had. Not just because you managed to slip your tongue into my mouth, I might add." Shawn said, staring me straight in the eyes with his head cocked to the side.

        "What I, you, no you did, no all I did was sit there." I managed to stutter out. It was true. But man, it's not like he put up much of a resistance though. I felt my face go red as a stop sign, and quickly looked the other way. Shawn cupped my face in his hands and gently turned me towards him, smiling.

        "No, don't look away. You look even more beautiful when you blush." Gosh why did he say stuff like this. I was into Matt now, almost over Cam completely. This sucked big time. But then once again, my thoughts were interrupted to the feeling of lips against mine. Shawn has got to stop doing that. Not that I didn't enjoy it, of course.

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