The flaw of being different

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the flaw of being different

Chapter 1 :Jason

I woke in a dizzy haze in a room that was white from the floor to the celling. I was attached to some sort of machine with 3 long leather straps. I struggled but it wouldn't budge, I was confused on how I got there and why I was there in the first place. I started to lose hope when a tall bald man with a long lab coat came in threw an almost invisible door. It seemed that with every step he took his grin became more of a smirk. He spoke quietly "Are you ready?"........

I woke up In a hot sweat in my small bedroom at 5:30 p.m. I wonder how I fell asleep in the first place because I live in a orphanage with loud kids on the other side of every wall in my bedroom. I waited in my room until I heard my step sister

Jane come half way up the stairs and yell "DINNERS READY!" I knew what would happen in 3 seconds so I jumped in my bed and covered my ears with my hands as a bunch of kids between the age 1-18 who acted like hungry pigs ran down the stairs pushing and shoving as if they haven't had food there hole life. I waited until there was no noise. I walked to the door opened it and to my surprise my pillow was on the ground i tripped on it and fell in to the hall and just like every other day my two and only best friends were standing there. Ella, quick description of her... She is a inch shorter than me with brown hair and hazel eyes with a interesting personality and Leo he is the same height as hazel and has dark brown hair,brown eyes and a evil smile like just got in trouble unlike hazel and me he finds a way to turn every thing sad into something earthier inappropriate or funny.

I look up with a awkward smile as I push myself off the ground and go downstairs to eat. When I went down stairs all you could hear was munching and chewing as if you were in a barn full of animals chowing down. me , Leo and Ella went to the far left of the 10 foot table in to a small room with a white plastic table and matching chairs. it was all the orphanage could afford but it didn't seem to bother anyone. I sat Down with Ella and Leo as we ate freezer burnt hamburgers. we were all quit until a gun shot broke the silence. every one was screaming and running and then BAM a body hit the floor BAM another corps smashed the ground. still loud and every one scattering and screaming I peeked and saw a giant man, at least 7 feet tall wearing a black leather jacket and ripped jeans he held a old rusty shot gun and had a big black bird on his left shoulder cawing every time he shot his gun Jason realized that the man had greenish skin. I quickly put my head back in and noticed Ella and Leo were breathing hard and were in the corner Leo was crouching looking at every big object on the ground, once he saw the large blue bucket in the other corner he quickly uttered "there!" He picked up the bucket to revival a old dusty air vent.Leo then whispered quickly "follow me."I had no other plan otherwise not to do it and the crazy green guy wasn't hesitating to walk over the bodies so I waited for hazel and leo to get in so i could go last i quickly got in and covered it with the bucket. as we crawled leo said still quiet "these are one way to air condition this place if the other vents fail these kick into action" he kept talking "i found it the first day i arrived here witch means about 4 years ago. take the left vent and it will take us to the bowler room." I did as he said and we soon ended up in the bowler room a 10 feet drop while the air was cold and it had a metal door. when we all jumped out Leo locked the door and started pushing a huge cluttered shelf he said "help if you want to live." he seemed to push every word like it was hard. Me, Ella and Leo pushed it in front of the door and sat down after getting soar and tired. Hazel sat in the corner with a traumatized look and her eyes were wide, I walked over to her and sat next to her and said "every thing is going to be fine".

Chapter 2: Jason

Later that afternoon witch was about 3 hours after the incident we decided to move the big cluttered shelf out of the way and peek our heads out to notice everything was quiet witch I don't think this orphanage has been since the kids started pouring in. As I walked out I noticed there were no bodies nor blood. that was questionable considering just a few hours ago there were corpses every were. my gut did a few summer salts as I thought about the poor really noisy pig like kids that are either dead or gone. I gave the signal that it was safe and Ella and Leo came out cautiously. As we went up the stairs I could see in the corner of my eye that they had both calmed down. As we were coming up to the kitchen I could hear some one mumbling...was that amazing grace? As I went closer I could smell something delicious but as I walked foreword Leo put his hand on my shoulder and gave me a stressed look as if to say "dude don't " I realized at that second hazel was one step away from the humming lady being able to see her. I got the feeling that the lady in the kitchen wasn't as nice as the song she was humming. I lunged my self at Ella and she fell to the ground with me, luckily we fell a good distance from the kitchen the only bad news was I had to cover her mouth and hold her down as she screamed and yelled. When I noticed her eyes I nearly jumped her eyes were dark grey like smoke and her pupils were as white as freshly fallen snow and very un-normal . The lady that was humming stopped and slowly we heard footsteps coming closer the creaks in the floor were un-natural slowly coming closer...

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