1. Never ever give up hoping

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Alec POV

I run and run, letting my paws softly hit the ground, carrying me away from the pack house.

My name is Alec, and I'm a snow white werewolf boy. And today is my sixteenth birthday. You wonder what that has to do with me running away?

This is how it is. Every werewolf has a mate, someone destined to be with you for the rest of your life. When you are sixteen, you can find that mate, and usually it's someone in your pack. I found my mate. But since my mate isn't sixteen yet, I'm the only one who knows.

And now you wonder why that is such a bad thing? Neither my mate nor my pack will accept me when they find out who it is. You see, my mate is a boy.


I don't know for how long I've been running, but I'm not tired. I could do this for hours more. Just listen to the silent rustling of leaves, the sound of animals escaping me. It's so peaceful. And it lets me forget about my mate.

The sound of wind is getting stronger, and soon I realize that it's not wind, it's cars. Not even realizing that that may mean there's a road ahead of me, I keep running. When the soft ground changes to hard under my paws, I stop, dead in my track.

I'm on the highway, not even halfway over the road. Cars are coming in high speed, but I can't move. One of them is coming towards me, and I stare panicked on it.

When it hits me, it hits me hard, sending my flying through the air back the way I came. I hit a tree, all air disappearing from my lungs. When the paralyzing pain fades a bit, I try to stand up, looking over to the highway. Several cars have stopped, some humans looking over towards me.

I have to get away, they can't find me, I think as I stand up, and slowly limp towards the pack house. Just one look back makes my pace quickening, the fear of getting caught creeping over.

I soon run, trying to ignore the almost paralyzing pain. All the way I tell myself that I'll soon be there. I can feel my consciousness fade for every second that goes.

Almost ... there. I just ... need to get back...

When I finally reach the edge of the forest, I can hardly stand, the pain all over my body. With my fur probably all soaked red by blood, I enter the big back yard. I see people hurry over to me, someone shouting something. But the only thing I really notice is Damien. His dark brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. His tall, slightly built body. My mate.

He runs over to me and bends down beside me, and I only first now realize that I'm laying down on the ground.

"Alec! What happened?!" he asks desperately.

"Car..." I say, feeling my strength fade away. I think I'll die soon.

And with that realization I get the courage to say one last thing.

"Damien... You're ... my mate..."


As soon as I feel the pain I realize that I can't be dead. Death isn't supposed to hurt this much. At least that's what I've always thought.

I slowly try to open my eyes, just to blink them shut at the bright light. Like I'm at a hospital. But that can't be. The pack never takes anyone to the hospital. It has to be the pack clinic.

I feel something on my hand, and try to open my eyes once again. This time it works, even though my eyes are barely open. Someone has their hand on mine, and when I look up I can see mom with dad behind her. They have a look of worry one their face, but it slightly fades when they sees that I'm awake.

"Oh honey, we were so worried for you!" mom cries and dad puts a hand on her shoulder.

"You have to be more careful, son", he simply says, but his voice is filled with concern.

"We'll leave you alone for a while so you can rest", dad says and drags mom with him.

I close my eyes, ready for sleep, when the door carefully opens. Someone slowly walks up to me, and I can soon see that it's Damien. Not the person I wanted to see. Not after what I told him. He will hate me, and I can't take that.

"Hey, how are you?" The concern in his voice surprises me and I can't answer right away. Why would he be concerned over me? Doesn't he hate me?

"I-I'm okay, I think..."

He breath out, as out of relief. "I'm so glad you're okay. You were pretty badly hurt. The whole pack is worried about you."

He sits down on a chair at the side of the bed, looking away from me in silence, seemingly deep in thoughts. When he finally looks at me, he's wearing a face I can't read.

He takes a deep breath, and then says: "The thing you said when you came... Was it... I mean, do you remember?... Well, either way, was ... it true?..."

I stiffen. What should I tell him? Deny it, and maybe spare me the hate from everyone? Or tell the truth, and maybe get the love I want?

I finally decide and say: "Yeah... It's true, you're my mate..."

I wait for a reaction, but when nothing happen, I peer up at him. "Do... do you hate me now?"

He looks me deep in my eyes, locking me there. He slowly bends forward until our noses touch. I'm totally still, waiting for his next move.

In the next instant I feel something on my lips and realize that he's kissing me. My mate is kissing me. He doesn't hates me.

He pulls away and sweetly says: "You're my mate. I could never hate you."

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