Life before the first day

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First days are always a rush, well atleast for some. wouldnt you be eager to se which of the girls blossomed over the summer time, the ones who got through pubery like the master of the freaking game. Oh yes, we all wait for that day when our summer vacations begin their countdown.

  For me, summertime was the time of my life because it wasnt my life. What i meant was that i had the opportunity to forget my lame, sucky life and move to Central New York for a change and in a way be a complete new person. The city where dreams come true, and mine really did. Although I had to live in my aunt's rusty rented apartment, it was a gret time. I learnt there were a lot of pretty hot guys living in near by and anyone could assume my morning routine would include opening the window and staring at the other apartments for a "good time" shortly followed by a jog outside with my tight clothes on to show off my toned body which I have earned with so much difficuly and sacrifice.

Then to pass time, i joined the nearby coffe shop for a part time job where I made the coolest friend. His name is Henry and trust me, he is nothing like his name although he is British but apart from that he is the best pal one can have. And the best part is that we remained friends throughout our time together, which is a shock for me because for me guyfriends do not last that long. Either I fall for them or they for me. Not saying Heny was unnattractive, he was way to hot to work in a coffee shop. anyways, I commend myself for not having a stupid crush or watsoever.

We spent our free time at the clubs dancing our asses off and getting drunk as fuck. And the other free time, we spent in cafe's like aristocrats gossiping about our highschool lives. All I could say is that i had a grest time and would do anything to pack henry in my bag and bring him here to Philadelphia. Oh well, one has to meet their doom and mine is 'Philadelphia Green Highschool'. There is nothing "green" about this place which maakes me wonder what the founder thought while naming this school. All I can say is that this guy must have had a different perspective of highschool. If he was me the name would be 'Philadelphia Grey Highschool and Rainbow for the Special "High" Students'.

Today is the day I can smile without having to fake it. From tomorrow, which is the first day of highschool, you will know me as the queen of actresses who deserves all the oscars that is there.

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