i finally decided to visit clara after 5 days of completely ignoring her.

I pressed the doorbella dn it went DONG DING, DONG DING

unusuall doorbell...

Clara answered da door and say hellaw! she invited me inside 

"clara ur my bff pls forgive me for my sins i was really confused about my love life"

she laughed at me and said "its ok! who's this guy?

ur dad...

"this guy named... yoooooo..." 

"yo... who?"

"Yo Han." i replied, the name's made up btw.. sounds like ewan.. 

Clara looked confused

"He's asian he lives really near the area.." i said

"Oh.. cool! tell me about him" she said

It's not like she's gonna know i like her dad anyway right..

so i made a list:

1. He's good in acting

2. He's a family guy

3. He knows how to save people's lives

4. He lives near me

5. He looks like Obi Wan Kenobi

6. He can drive

7. He's not single tho

8. He's older than me

9. He has a great accent

10. He has a pool in his house

Clara read the list i made and gave me a weird look

"you know if he was scottish he'd be like.. a young version of my dad... minus the beard" she said

"yeah he shares a lot of traits with ur dad i think.." omg she knows im gonna die

"well, it's a good thing you don't like my dad." she laughed, "that would be really gross"

as if on cue, ewan came in the room with cookies on dough.

memories from last week awh BABY

"what's gross?" he asked. i'd say epal but he's too hot to be epal.

he's welcome anytime

"you're gross, dad" clara answered back in a joking way

ewan laughed and threw a cookie at clara

family... ohana...

"Patricia, do you agree with her?" he asked

"agree wirh waht" i didn't know hwat he was talking  about cos i was so distract

"Do u think im gross?" he raised an eyebrow..



ewan if only i could tell u my real feelings and u too clara i love your dad i love him but i luv u also as a friend and i cant be ur mom and friend at the same time...

"If clara says so then yeah..." i lied.. im sorry ewan.. youre far from gross you're actually really hot when youre covered with mud.. baker papa..

Clara loves to embarrass me so she went like

"Dad u know patricia's in love with a guy named Yo han"

suddenly jamyan went in the room

"Yo хан? Тэр блок доош нь миний найз шүү дээ!" 

Clara looked at me and said "you have a crush on jamyan's friend?"

"Yeah... he's kinda hot" wait what yo han's made up tho how can jamyan be friends with him

"He's 11.... Patricia.. you're such a pedophile" she shoved me

honey, if only ur dad was i'd be your mom by now.

"that's love, I love him but he doesn't love me back.. " i looked at ewan and he looked back at me

"Do what u need to do, patricia. show Yo Han your true self and make landi." he told me

he'd make such a good dad to our children

"how do i make him love me back, tito?" i asked but i rly meant HOW CAN I MAKE U LOVE ME BACK

"make landi" he winked

and yes i will

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