"LOKI!" A voice called,desperate in the distance, blended with harmonious harp-like song.

"LOKI!" It rung again, sounding youthful, much like a child and filled with complete innocence. Only Loki could hear it. But where was it coming from? Sometimes he could hear the needy cries continuously then there would be times when he the calls ceased for days on end...

It was driving him mad, the only one hearing voices, but surely it couldn't have been his imagination? Loki had to find out the truth.

There was only one person who still trusted him. The only person Loki could actually speak to, his mother, Frigga. Even though Loki did nothing to betray his 'brother', Thor when the two confronted Maliketh and his army, Loki was still shunned. But he was alright with that. "They'll be the fools I always thought they were if they trust me," Loki often said.

"Mother," Loki began, strolling proudly into his mother's chambers. His false pretence of arrogance and appearing to not care had vanished, what was the point when Frigga could see the true Loki behind all of that? "There's no easy way saying of this, you probably won't even believe me ... I hear a child's voice inside my head, calling me by my name, having no fear of me whatsoever."
Loki fumbled his fingers in the air by his side, his words sounded crazy. No matter how obscene Loki sounded, Frigga smiled, it was so warm that it could melt any cold heart, and elegantly raised an arm towards her son, beckoning for him to come closer to her.
"Oh Loki," she sighed, fixing a stray hair in place from Loki's long black locks, "Don't ever for a second think that I doubt you, I believe every word."

Frigga locked eyes with her son's, Loki's emerald eyes glistened, reaching
for her in ways he never could with mere words. Frigga wrapped her golden clothed arms around him, "I knew this day would come, it's in your nature."

"What?" Loki was shocked, he pulled himself away, out of his mother's embrace. Frigga remained patient, "Loki it was always going to happen, you need to search for it, I give you permission."

"I didn't ask for it," Loki snapped harshly, not fully understanding his mothers words.

"Loki, someone is calling for you," Frigga explained, "Your heart yearns to find out what it is. You need it my son."

"And what of Odin?" Loki questioned, knowing full well Odin was never going to allow Loki out of Asgard, not after what happened the last time. It was only a matter months since he had been allowed to roam free from his prison cell. Much of which was owed to Frigga.

"Your father will understand -" Frigga was cut short.

"He's not my father!" Loki yelled at the top of his lungs. How he despised Odin, he had cast Loki off, among other things.

"I don't want to argue with you," Frigga declared still sitting on the immaculate embroidered chair, "You have heard my advice, now it's time for you to act how see fit."

Loki couldn't take it anymore, he had to find where this mysterious voice inside his head was coming from. He grabbed for his sceptre and dagger and begun his journey.
Before he had reached the last step of the main Castle of Asgard, home of Frigga and Odin and their descendants, Thor, his blonde hair loose and in full armour minus the helmet, appeared, intent on stopping his brother from going any further.
"Loki this is madness," Thor argued, his tall bulky figure blocking the way.
"You're not going to stop me Thor," Loki rolled his eyes at Thor's feeble attempt, "As much as you want to."

"I'll tell mother," Thor threatened.

"I don't care," Loki smirked darkly before disappearing out of sight and reappearing past Thor. With his hands folded nobly behind his back, Loki retorted, "Are you never not going to fall for that?"
"Loki!" Thor rumbled as his brother strolled away casually and free, "You cannot go!"

With a grin, one of freedom... and of mischief, Loki turned to his brother, "I do what I want!"

Loki was now on his way. He was not going to use the BiFrost. No. What was the point when he knew all sorts of other ways and paths leading out of Asgard, all of which were hidden from Heimdell.

"Loki!" The strange voice cried again.

"I'm coming," Loki muttered, his feet secure on his glider, "I'm coming to find you....."

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