Preference #19 - Escaping the crib...

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#19 - Escaping the crib


Amelia giggled and held her blanket to her chest, as she walked into you and Liam’s bedroom. She smiled and walked towards Liam’s side; where he is laying with one arm hanging out of the blanket. Amelia reached out and tapped his arm. “Mmm,” he mumbled and slowly opened his eyes. He gasped when he was meet with a pair of identical ones. “Sweetpea, what are you doing?” he asked, leaning up on one elbow and frowed as he noticed it was the middle of night. “How did you get out of your crib?” he asked more himself. The little girl blushed and looked down at her blanket. “Climbed out daddy,” she tried to whisper but it came out as an excited squeal. Liam should be mad at her but when he saw her happy smile and the proudness in her voice, he couldn’t help but laugh quietly. He felt you move in your sleep and quickly looked over his shoulder, sighing as your eyes were still closed and breathing even. He looking back at his daughter who was leaning against the bed, big brown eyes staring at him. “Do you want a cuddle with daddy?” he asked smiling, “but we have to be quiet so we don’t wake mummy up.” Amelia nodded and climbed up, laying down near his chest. “I love you Emmy,” he whispered, placing a hand on her back and kissing her forehead, as the little girl drifted off to sleep.


You rolled over in bed and looked at Louis who was fast asleep beside you. You sighed and closed your eyes again but although you were tried you couldn’t fall asleep. You decided to check on Noah, then make yourself a cup of tea hoping it would help. You kissed Louis’ cheek and carefully got out of bed. You walked out of the bedroom and down the hallway. As you opened the door of Noah’s nursery, you froze as you heard noises. You poked your head into the room and bit your lip. His room was lit up with a small night light, but you could see the little boy standing up in his crib. Noah frowned in frustration and shook the railing, wanting to get out. He groaned and threw his head back, just like Louis does when he is annoyed, but smiled as he quickly thought of another idea. He looked around the room, before standing on his tippy toes. He managed to lift himself up and over the railing and slide down the outside of the crib. His little hands held onto the top of the railing as he hung a few inches above the ground. “Noah,” you gasped and quickly rushed in, kneeling down and catching him. “Mummy,” he squealed and wrapped his small arms around your neck. “It’s sleeping time, Noah. what are you doing?” you asked, hugging him back. He smiled and snuggled further into you, not talking.


Cora grabbed Declan’s hand through the railing of his crib and shook it. Declan stirred in his sleep and groaned as he opened his eyes. His face lit up as he saw his twin sister. “Decc,” she squealed, as he sat up and wiped his face tiredly, his pacifier falling out of his mouth. “Come come,” Cora said, waving her little hands around, wanting Declan out of the crib and with her. He smiled and stood up. He looked around and thought of how to get out like she had. He kept his eyes on Cora standing below him as he lifted himself up. Meanwhile, you felt the morning sun shining through the window and snuggled into Niall’s side as you woke up. You opened your eyes quickly and looked at the clock on Niall’s beside table. “It’s never quiet at 7.15am,” you whispered to yourself, frowning. As if on cue, you heard little giggles and footsteps approaching the bedroom. You sat up and smiled as the twins came running in. “Cora, Declan,” you said, trying to be firm, but you were happy to see them, “don’t tell me you climbed out of your cribs?” you asked. The little toddlers came up to you, both with big cheeky smiles. Niall stirred and groaned, waking up just like his son and smiled when he saw his little munchins. “Daddy,” Cora giggled and climbed onto the bed, with Declan copying her. Niall chuckled as they jumped on him excitedly. “Guess what Ni? They climbed out of their cribs,” you said, trying to hide back your smile, “guess they are getting older.”


Spencer squeezed her little green eyes closed and let go of the railing. She landed on her bum, her diaper softening the landing. She stood up and stepped towards the door but stopped, panic filling her eyes. She turned around and saw her bunny toy in the crib. She whined and started crying. Harry woke up quickly at hearing her cries through the baby monitor. He jumped out of bed and rushed down the hallway towards his little girl’s nursery. He opened the door and expected to see her standing up in her crib and shaking the railing, but he froze when he saw her standing outside the crib. She was reaching in between two rails making a grabby hand at her bunny. Her eyes filled with tears as she couldn’t reach it. “Angel, what’s wrong?” Harry asked, stepping towards her. She quickly removed her arm and looked up at him. “Unny unny,” she whined, bottom lip trembling. Harry frowned and looked into her crib. He smiled when he saw her bunny laying in the middle on the mattress, where she must of left it when she climbed out of her crib. He reached over the railing and picked it up, then knelt down in front of her. He brushed her brown hair out of her face. Spencer giggled and quickly took her bunny from him. Harry ran his hand through his hair; he knew she escaped her crib, but how was he going to tell you.


You yawned waking up and looked at your husband beside you. You leaned up on an elbow and smiled as you watched him sleeping; he looked so peaceful and gorgeous. You heard a bang and quickly sat up. As your heart started to beat faster, you shook your head at Zayn still sleeping. You quickly got out of bed and picked up the first item you saw; one of your high heel shoes. As you walked down the hallway, Kaiden’s door was open and you noticed the railing of his crib was down and he wasn’t in it. You dropped your shoe and looked into the little boy’s nursery. Kaiden was digging through his wooden toy box. He pulled out a toy car, before dropping the lid, making another bang like you heard before. He happily rolled the toy cars along the carpet and looked up to see you. “Mummy,” he squealed happily. “Good morning Kade,” you smiled, “you are a clever boy to get out of your crib.” He stood up and walked towards you. “Kaiden, want to wake daddy up?” you whispered and picked him up. He giggled, his hazel eyes bright. You walked back into your bedroom and put Kaiden down on the end of the bed. He giggled and crawled towards Zayn. “Daddy,” he squealed and hit him a few times. Zayn opened one eye and smiled as he saw Kaiden. Without warning, Zayn quickly sat up and tickled the little boy’s body, making him squeal and giggle loudly.

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