Your Touch....

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Chapter Three....

I got up and went straight to the bathroom and took a shower then picked out my clothes I just need to see who I'm paired with talk and make rules then ima go see my best friend Rayna see how her and Jake holding.

Christopher P.O.V

"Chris Hay" this girl said coming up to me "Sorry but I got a girlfriend" I saw her face went from happy to sad she just walked away I kinda felt bad but can't trust these hoes.

I looked around and I meet eyes with a girl I think I know I went over to her and said "Sorry to bother you but I felt like I know you" I said she turned around and my face dropped

" Monica" I said "Yea look surprised" she said looking at me "Wow you changed since high school alot" I said checking her out.

She coughed to snap me back to reality "Well I'm not the same person then" she said "Yea I see but how are you" I said looking into her big eyes "Good how's Kesha" she said "Oh we broke up a long time ago but I'm so Sorry for wha..... "No don't apologize for it she said interrupting me.

Then the intercom came on before she can finish the person said.

"Hay doctors and Nurses we will be pairing you up it will be on the screen with the doctors name and Nurse Showing right now.

I looked on the screen and the person I was paired with I turned around and she said.

"Well hello doctor" Monica said "Since where gonna be working together we got to lose the tension between us" I said she looked at me and said "Its been gone"

"Well that was easy well I'm hungry you wanna go out for dinner?" I said "I don't know" she said looking down "Well I do come on" I said looking at her "Huh?" she said " Come" I said walking down the hallway.

One hour later .......

Well the dinner was good Where now friends now so Lifes good...... we arrived at her house and she let me in I was in the living room I was calling her name she didn't answer so I took it to myself to go upstairs.

Let me tell you well I am I walked to her room and I looked in she was changing and she had on a black  lace bra and panties on her her was down her back and curly I had to go back downstairs cuz Christopher Jr here was getting excited so yea.

She came down stairs in a big T shirt I was staring I guessed she noticed "Umm... I know you like what you see but at least do it when I'm not looking" she said smirking Damn that made a nigga wanna pray God for making such a Sexy ............ Ima Stop.

Monica P.O.V

He was staring hard I wanted him too I was being the old teasing me I thought it'll be funny if I took it a little further haha don't judge I know y'all did this before.

"You want something to eat" I said "Yea Thank you" he said I walked over to the counter and couldn't get something I had to reach my shirt came up a little thou.......

Christopher P.O.V

I was staring hard like Damn Ma but yea she walked back with the food and sat next to me I was looking at her she looked back and smiled I don't know what came over me but the next thing I know I was on top of her kissing her and that's when everything went Blank....

Oh SHIT!!!!!!!

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