the girl who fell in love with two bad boys and one of them loved her back

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hey guys i am actually new to this, this story is going to have ups and downs but trust me keep reading love you all vote and comment please- hope you enjoy


" OH MY GOD I GOT IN OH MY GOD I GOT IN, MOM MOM I GOT IN" i said jumping up and down my mom came hugging me

" aww my baby i can't believe this i am going to miss you, my dad came running to the living room he carried me around, he was very happy about the letter

" i can't believe my favorite child is going away"

" heeyyyy,we heard you" the twins said

"i know i said it on purpose"

" you guys creep me out why do you say stuff together?"

" twins duuh" they did it again

we all laughed my mom told us to go get changed so we can go out and celebrate

jason, lauren and i went upstairs to change, i actually took a hot shower and after i got out of the bathroom i decided to call my best friend

" heyy sarahh you won't believe this i got in , i got in i am the one who can't believe it actually"

" oh my god congratss i am going to miss you so much , god the sleepovers, shopping and when we fangirl"

" awww don't worry we have breaks and i'll be coming home"

" great by the way talking about sleepovers, let's have a sleepover at my house tomorrow and remind me again when are you leaving?"

" after three days"

" great tomorrow then"

" see ya "


i ended the call and tossed my phone on my bed then wore my black skirt with white tuck-in shirt and black converse i also had red lipstick and let my wavy light brown hair fall naturally on my shoulders.

my mom was calling downstairs i sprayed my perfume, grabbed my headphones and ran downstairs.

" come on , let's go"

we got in the car and ofcourse lauren was in the middle. i got out my headphones and played ride by somo.

we reached the restaurant, my parents already reserved a table so we got in easily, i sat down and told my mom about the sleepover and she agreed.

" oh honey don't forget tomorrow is your dentist's appointment"

" don't worry dad i'll go with sarah"

" if you want to then i am fine with it"

i was excused from the table i went to the bathroom and bumped into someone

" ouchh, i-i i'm sorry i didn't see you"

" it's okay" he said and walked away i got out of the bathroom and walked over to the table.

jason was in front of me but i can still see the guy across our table with his parents, oh my god he saw me looking and i blushed

" why are your cheeks red?" jason asked

" are they, well i don't know" he had this smirk on his face

we continued our dinner but everytime i would look up i would see him staring at me. i caught him and he smiled i smiled back.

" are you done?"

" yes mom, god i'm full" lauren said

we got up and left the place when we reached home i wore my shorts my tank top and went to sleep, i couldn't wait for tomorrow.

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