i smell drama

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Justice POV

I pulled up to the house.  I grabbed my stuff, cut the car off, and walked in the house.  Everybody looked at me and didn't say nothing.  Fuck them.  I walked up the stairs and slam my room door.  Fuck wrong with them.  I started eating my food when Blue came in." No food for me " he ask.  I kept eating. " justice " he say.  I ignored him again. "justice what is wrong " he say . " Nothing is wrong fuck wrong with y'all acting all mean towards me " I yelled. "The way you feeling exactly the way we feel when you be mean to us " he yelled . I got up and left out the room. " justice for real " he yelled.  I kept walking until I reached the downstairs bathroom. " justice you can't Handle the truth " he yelled. " nah you just can't handle me " I said and slam the door in his face.  " justice open this damn door " he yelled while banging on it. I looked in the mirror.  My head started hurting so I  searched the bathroom  for some aspirin. I couldn't believe what I had found a pregnancy test in the cabinet on the side of the toilet.  I grab the test and storm out the bathroom. "karma " I yelled.  " karma " I yelled while walking in the kitchen. "what " she say." You pregnant " I ask.  Everybody eyes popped open. " hello I'm talking " I yelled.  " Yes " she said . " how the fuck you get fucking pregnant during time's like this huh?  " I yelled ." it just happen " she say." happen  happen?  you could have used protection or got on some birth control but your stupid ass already pregnant " I yelled.  " It's my choice " she yelled.  " Fuck your choice " I said getting in her face.  " I'm out of the game I can't be in there no more " she say.  I backed up.  " oh he'll naw you gone leave me in the game by myself, we supposed to do this for daddy keyword WE" I yelled . She just shook her head.  " You let this fuck ass nigga mess up what we had " I yelled.  " I love him " she say.  " Stop being mad she have her own life " he said . " bitch shut your ass up I wasn't talking to your pussy ass " I yelled at him.  " what about daddy wishes " I said turning my attention back on my sister.  " fuck his wishes, he wasn't shit anyway " she yelled . I lost it then. "He wasn't shit? " I ask." yup mama told me everything " she said . I pulled out my gun and shot her in the arm. " Karma keep listening to that bitch and I will blow your brain's out "  I yelled . Then I felt a gun to my head.  I looked and seen Derrick. I put my gun to his head." fuck wrong with you " he yelled. " no nigga fuck wrong with you " I calmly said.  Then Blue pointed a gun to Derrick head.  " put the gun down" he said.  Derrick hesitated but drop the gun.  Then Blue pointed the gun at me so I pointed the gun at him.  " put the gun down justice please " he said dropping his gun . A tear slip from my eye.  A tear that I never let go.  I drop the gun.  Fuck his wishes he wasn't shit anyway kept playing in my head.  I picked up a chair and threw it to the wall. " chill justice " they all say.  " chill?  I'll show you chill " I say . I threw the vase on the ground.  " he wasn't shit karma but he put clothes on our back " I say while breaking every glass in the kitchen. " He wasn't shit but he gave us everything we ever wanted " I yelled while stabbing the wall.  " he wasn't shit but he took on the responsibility to be a daddy to us " I say while punching a whole in the wall." that's enough " blue yelled . But I ignored him.  " he wasn't shit but he made sure you ate, was clean, had a stable house, and everything else " I say  while knocking the table over.  " He wasn't shit but you was all in his face " I yelled while knocking the flat screen tv on the floor ." you listen to a bitch who never raise or bought us shit " I yelled while throwing the plant's on the ground.  I went outside and the followed . I grabbed my bat and started bussing out windows ." Where the fuck was she when our period started and we didn't know what to do " I yelled while bussing out one of the windows to the mustang.  " if daddy threaten her or whatever she would have took a bullet or a ass beating for us, if she loved of like she say she do " I say while I flat the tires.  " You crying a damn river for a bitch you barley know that claim to be out mother,  you cried more for her than when daddy died,  You meet a nigga and have a baby now you don't wanna live up to daddy wishes, there is no way we can pay him back for everything he bought and did for us!  all he ask was to keep the gang going, and be safe in these street's " I yelled.  I walked past all of them and walked up the stairs.  I went in my room and slam the door.  I started punching holes in my wall.  " Fuck you Karma " I yelled.  I was breathing hard ass fuck.  Tears that wasn't supposed to slip did.  I look at the picture of me ,daddy, and karma when we was little.  I got up and tore it up.  I threw my tv out the window I started breaking mirrors I'm my bathroom and room.  My daddy was something when he was alive now she saying he ain't shit fuck her.  I laid on the. cold bathroom floor . " daddy " I cried out.  " daddy " I cried harder.  " open the door " Blue yelled . " daddy why " I cried.  I heard the door opened.  " justice baby " blue said coming towards me. He picked me up and carried me to the mess you bed . " calm down" he said. Tears fell down my eye's nonstop.  I miss my daddy he was the person I love the most after God.  Now he gone and left me here . My twin changing on me.  I couldn't take all this .

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