Justin's P.O.V.

I knocked on the door and patiently waited for Selena to open the door. The door finally opened and I saw Selena. Her hair was slightly messy. She was wearing light wash Capri's with holes in the knees. A black crop top and a big cream colored scarf. I looked down at what I was wearing.

Dark jeans, a dark blue sweater with paint splatters and a red beanie to match my high tops. I looked back at Selena. She smiled at me. "Yes?" she asked. "I was just wondering if you wanted to go out tonight." I said. Selena laughed a little. "Of course, where do you wanna go?" Selena asked.

"Not sure. I just thought it would be an opportunity for us to explore the city together." I said with a smile. Selena eyes lit up with excitement. She happily nodded. I stood there awkwardly for a few seconds. "Uhm do you wanna go now or later?" I asked. I wasn't even sure what time it was right now. "Now's good. Just let me grab my purse." Selena said.

Selena left the doorway and walked over to her duffel. She mumbled something I couldn't hear. She opened the duffel and began searching through it. She pulled out a red satchel then opened.  "Good, my wallet is there." Selena said softly. Selena put the satchel over her shoulder and walked over to the doorway.

"Ready," Selena said with a smile. I took Selena's hand and we began walking. We stopped in front of the staircase. Murmurs of my parents fighting filled the house. Soon the murmurs turned into whispers.

I gripped Selena's hands tighter. We began quietly making our way down the staircase. We reached the second floor and my mom came out of the room. She had a perfect view of Selena and I. My mom crossed her arms under her chest. Selena and I both stopped. I stared at my mom. Really?; her face read.

"Just where do you two think we're going?" my mom asked. I quickly glanced at Selena. She bit her bottom lip. Nervously; I looked back at my mom. "On a date," I replied shortly. My mom rolled her eyes. "Can't you two just have your date here? I mean I don't want you two getting lost in the city." my mom said. I rolled my eyes. 'Was she serious?' I thought.

"Mom we aren't going to get lost." I said in my most convincing tone. My mom looked down at the ground. I could tell she was have trouble deciding what to do. She sighed then looked back up at us. "Fine, but you have to be back by 10:00 tonight." my mom said. I flashed a smile. "Thanks." I said.

I rushed down the staircase, so my mom wouldn't have time to change her mind. Selena and I rushed out the door. I turned and faced Selena without letting go of her hand. "How far do you think the city is from here?" I asked. Selena looked around then back at me. "No idea." she responded. I looked around.

Selena and I walked off the path that lead to the doorway. We stood on the road. "We could follow the road." I suggested. Selena nodded. We walked  by the side of the road looking for an exit. I looked around. There weren't that many houses around here. A car drove past us.

We finally reached the gate of the lot. Selena and I walked out it. 'If only I could drive.' I thought. Before us was the city. Selena and I stared at the city in awe.

Selena's P.O.V.

There was the city; it was so beautiful. I felt like I was in the heart of the city. The city surrounded all side of us. (Except for behind us) "The city." I said under my breathe. Justin and I began walking forward. We walked down a street full of shops. Justin and I began to window shop. Everything was so beautiful.

Justin and I then stopped in front of a pet store. We looked at the puppies in the window. They jumped up and down excitedly. They were all so cute. Justin wrapped his arm around my waist. "Justin they're so cute." I said with a smile. A puppy jumped up against the window and tried to get to Justin. "Awww it likes you." I said. Justin and I turned and continued walking down the street.

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