♡ I Ate Molly

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Sorry if I get Harry's cat name wrong :/ I have bad memory and I'm too lazy to look things up.

♡ I Ate Molly ♡

"What the hell is going on?" Zayn asks as he stares, flabbergasted, at the sight of me, Harry and Louis snuggled together on the couch wrapped in Louis' large fuzzy blanket. It's amazing how this somehow worked out, though I think we'll all get sick.

I lay in the middle of the cradle as Louis and Harry are by my side cradling me. I couldn't help but smirk, "Would you like to join us?" I say mischievously.

"I think I'll pass" he answers, heading over to the TV.

"No, join us Zayn" Louis says, ghostly.

"Join us" Harry chimes in.

"Join us, Zayn" I say trying to somehow become crossed eyed.

"You look stupid" Harry says, glancing at me.

I stick my tongue out and snuggle closer to him, resting my head on my shoulder as I hug Louis' arm.

"We're all gonna get sick" Louis says, trying to hold back a sneeze.

He raises his head trying to hold it in, me and Harry quickly fall onto the floor just as Louis lets it go.

"I'm going over here" Harry says crawling to the other side of the room. I stand up and watch as Louis covers himself again and sniffles.

"Poor, Louie" I say patting his head.

After watching TV with Zayn quietly I walk towards Harry's room, just down the hall and a few doors from my room.

I open the wooden door and gasp at the sight my eyes must encounter.

Despite the horridly messy room he sleeps in, I can't help but scream at the sight of Olaf and Molly.

Olaf lays on top of her as he licks her chest, Molly purs as he does so.

"HARRRYYYY!!!" I scream at the top of my lungs.

I hear hurried foot steps as he appears behind me, worried.

"Wh-what?!" he asks, worriedly.

I point towards the sex scene and he suddenly covers my eyes, gently pushing me out the door.

After a few seconds he opens the door and gives me Olaf, I gently take him in my arms and give Molly- who was snuggling up against Harry's leg - a grimace before turning away and walking down the hallway.

I open the door to my room and place Olaf on my bed. I make myself comfortable next to him, laying down as I stroke his back.

I MUST get revenge. . . .

"Where's Molly" Harry asks as he enters my room, looking around. I sit comfortably on my bed, listening to Ellie Goulding's Hold My Breath. I take off my earbuds and look at him sceptically.

"What do you mean?" I ask, "I ate her"

He turns to me, an eyebrow raised.

"What?" he asks.

"I ate Molly" I say, I suddenly notice how wrong that sounds and try to hold back a chuckle.

"You did what?" he says with a smirk. He's definitely not buying it.

I narrow my eyes and bend over my bed and pull a plate from under my bed, fake blood stains spread onto it and realistic looking cat bones placed upon it. Thanks to Josh's special effects friend who has a bunch of props to lend.

"I don't buy it" he says bluntly, looking around my room.

"Excuse me, its rude to barge into a woman's room!" I protest.

"You're not a woman" he states looking behind my collection of stuffed animals that they bought for me, I was forced to keep them.

"Seriously?" I say, "I'll prove it" I announce.

I bend over to my drawer near my bed and pull out a familiar yellow object.

I throw the bra towards Harry as he hunched down looking under my bed.

"The fuck?!" he screams, falling back almost hitting his head as the bra touches his hand.

"Ha! I AM a woman, bastard!" I exclaim.

He quickly runs out as I get off my bed and pick up my bra, placing it back in my drawer and flopping onto my bed next to Olaf. I take the pillow next to me and pull out Molly as she meows quietly. She tries to claw at me but I hold her away from me, she calms down at the sight of Olaf and I let her cuddle next to him.

"I'm hungry!" I say as I pull on Niall's shirt, he sits on the kitchen island, reading a book.

"I thought you were full after eating Molly" he says.

I turn to Harry as he rests his head on the kitchen island, whining about how he can't find Molly. I walk towards him and pull myself up onto the stool next to him, patting his head and running my fingers through his hair. This usually calms him down, I did it when he broke up with Kendall.

"Where is she" he whines as he looks up at me.

I smile, "Meow" I say.

He gives me a confused look.


"Holy shit I think Molly's talking inside her stomach" Niall says sarcastically.

"Oh god it's like one of those japanese movies!" Harry says, I think he's taking this seriously.

I nod, "meow"

He grabs my shoulders, pulling me closer trying to find out how this is happening. He grabs my jaw and looks into my mouth.

"Molly you down there!" he yells.

I push him away, slapping him slightly.

"Dude it's a joke!" I scream, trying to fix my jaw.

"Ill get him" I say as Niall falls off his chair laughing.

As I walk into the room, I hear insane purring coming from the bed. When I look, I find Molly and Olaf licking eachothers "private parts" (in human sense).


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