A lul Sum

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*Back At The House *

Christian: baby I'M in the room.

*Lyrical goes room her room*

Lyrical: Hey Ba-

*Christian pinned Lyrical down room the floor *

Christian: Tonight I'M daddy and you taking it rough.

Lyrical: Yes Daddy

*Christian took her to the bathroom and put her on the sink *

Christian: Don't ask no questions Khalil is with your sister.

Lyrical: Daddy not on the sink we do it here alot.

Christian: You wanna go to the private jet, the car, the den.. the arcade.?

Lyrical: the arcade, It's skirt of toys down there.

Christian: *picks up Lyrical and carries here room the arcade*

Lyrical: I want it rougher than when were had khalil.

Christian: damn bae. last time you left me with bruises, scratch marks, and hickies.

Lyrical: cause nobody put it down like you.

*Christian Laid Lyrical out on the pool table.*

Christian: This is gone be to tour pleasure.

*Christian start to “Eat" Lyrical out and all you hear is quiet moaning that motivated Christian *

*After Christian got Lyrical To her Climax her climax He slide in Lyrical making her juice flow and Christian went hard in and out non-stop Which cause Lyrical to a point of pleasure and Christian put her on the floor and continued He went so and that cause Lyrical to grab on to something but she couldn't find anything but his back and she started scratching his back Which motivated him even more and he went really deep Which cause Lyrical to have a organism and Christian came and Lyrical took control and rode Christian til she collapsed on his chest panting. *

Did I mention there were 3 more rounds of this.  yeah that was the I miss you sex. but within that time Christian proposed and told hee the surprise of him getting in the NFL so with that Lyrical answer Christian took a shower and Lyrical went to for get Khalil answer they slept as a happy family.

**The Next Morning **

Lyrical P°O°V

Khalil woke you crying and I didn't want khalil to wake up Christian. so me and khalil quietly got up and took another shower and looked at the clock it was 11:30a.m so I gave My lul man a shower and washed my hair. we got a matching outfit. It's the Adidas suit and some venom 10's. little did Christian know I had my sister go pick up all of this the jumpsuit and everything so we got ready I put on his clothes and gave him to my sister so I can get my hair ready. so I made my hair went and then blow dried it and wore it down my ass . time to make Christian get up now.

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