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I was always the nice one in my group of friends. You know, the one everyone wanted to be friends with because it always had a lot of benefits.

I would help with projects and give advice on everyday things from relationships to family problems.

That’s how I came to be well known. 

I use the term well known because the word ‘popular’ has such a strong connotation to it.

Whenever someone says popular, a picture instantly comes to mind and that picture usually tends to look like someone out of a magazine… Petite figure, nice skin and hair. 

When you use the term ‘well known’, no picture comes to mind- so it only seemed fitting to use that word.

But being nice also has its downfalls…

People tend to take advantage of you but I’ve learned how to deal with it. I just quietly slip away from their side and refuse to help them anymore- always in a nice way.

Being nice never prepared me for whatever was coming.

In fact, being nice would only hinder me in this part of life.

But of course, being who I am- I continued being nice and didn’t have a clue what was coming next.

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