Chapter 18

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“So the cat’s out of the bag.” The leader –Josh-  grinned sadistically, not even sparing me a glance.

                “Get the fuck off our land.” A snarl ripped through Saxon’s chest and he stood in a crouch, sliding his phone from his pocket and into my hands. I knew what he wanted me to do. Lifting my knee in a way it covered what I was doing, I opened his phone and went to the contact list.

                “We’re just here to say congrats.” The dark-haired man beside him smirked. “Maybe we can show the human the ropes for you.”

Help. I texted the contacts labeled “Marc” and “Dakoda”, sucking in a deep breath. Pulling the volume all the way down, I clicked the call button on Dakoda’s phone, setting it on mute so she wouldn’t say anything to alert whoever these people were.

                “You know the trail is the border.” Saxon warned them loudly, trying to give away our location in the phone without blowing our cover.

                “You know, for a Beta you sure are stupid.” The dark haired one said casually leaning against a tree. Saxon snarled again but didn’t move from his spot.

                “Well, I guess we’re going to start with lesson one before you’re boyfriend ruins it.” Josh began, examining his new claws. “You see, he’s in one pack and we’re in the other. His pack has land. We need more.”

                “You have plenty.” Saxon made a low, guttural noise in his throat. “If you want more, go somewhere else.”

                “If anyone’s going to move it’ll be your pack. Ever since your fucking runt of an alpha decided he was actually going to start running the pack, you’ve been nothing but trouble.” Josh’s eyes were dark with animosity, sending a shiver of fear down my spine. This whole thing had to be staged. This was ridiculous.

                “You’re the mutts who moved here last. My pack has been here for over a century.”

                “Too long if you ask me.” Josh shifted his gaze to me. “You see Ginger, our pack is much bigger than the one you’re in.  We need more land –and we had it too. That is until Marc came in and made a new border like the selfish bastard he is. Unlike their pack all of us live in one spot, like it’s supposed to be. Maybe you should come see our home sometime. It’s much more impressive. Maybe if he Turns you-”

                With a sound befitting an outrageous roar, Saxon’s whole body shimmered and changed in front of me. A gray and red wolf stood in his place, his hackles raised on his arched back, baring the sharp daggers in his mouth. Nearly falling back in fear, I trembled from my spot next to the tree. He was being serious. This was insane. Saxon couldn’t be a werewolf –they simply didn’t exist. But I knew they wolf in front of me. It was him.

                “Hit a nerve, huh?” The second man chuckled, shaking his head. “Why don’t we test who the better Beta is for real this time, shall we?” And then his body trembled before morphing into a dark brown wolf –nearly black in the shadows.  Saxon risked a glance back at me, snapping his teeth at the other wolf when he took a step closer. Another one of the men shifted. The other two. Josh was the only one left in his human form.

                “S-Saxon?” I stuttered, my heart pounding against my ribcage. He whined but didn’t look back at me. One of the wolves leapt. Saxon met him in mid-air. A second one followed the action of the first, slamming into Saxon before he pinned him down, but Saxon squirmed from underneath the beast, snapping at the wolf’s flank. The black one bit his shoulder, tearing out the skin and releasing a gush of ruby droplets. I cried out in horror, but Saxon just snarled and snapped his jaws at the wolf. He knew he couldn’t win. A third wolf circled, ready to join the attack, but in the next moment, a heather colored wolf barreled into it before they disappeared into the woods in a whirlwind of flying fur and flashing teeth. A russet colored wolf darted straight towards Josh who instantly shifted and abandoned his group. A silver wolf rushed to Saxon’s aid, allowing him the ability to focus on the black wolf rather than his dual attackers. The silver took several bites aimed at her ears and tail, but was far too quick to obtain much more damage. Tired and frustrated her attacker soon fled to the opposing side of the trail. The silver circled Saxon and the black wolf; ready to help him if needed, but knowing the importance of the confrontation, she kept to the side. There was a small silver phone tied to her front paw. The black wolf glanced at me, his shoulders hunching. Saxon, noticing the momentary lapse in focus, lunged at the enemy, but the dark wolf expected it and leapt forwards –straight towards me. His paws thundered against the ground as I stood completely frozen. Saxon realized a moment too late what was happening, propelling himself forward with as much strength as he could. My voice was dead in my throat. My nerves were frozen.

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