Chapter 11

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"only people who have the VIP tickets could come in" I added.

Vanessa POV

"Where do they gonna have the VIP tickets?" I sigh. "you asked to much" I punched him playfully. Ross rolled his eyes. "Well, I were shopped for a while to bought some new clothes right after I donated my old clothes for poor children, I've booked special VIP cards online. Whoever interested to the party, they could booked it and the deliver guy would deliver the cards to they're house." I explained to him with one breathe. "Oh" he responds and smiles. The Smile! Snap it Vanessa. You're too old for him.

Ross POV

"Who was with you when you were shopped? Delly? Laura? Maia? Raini?" I asked her in one breathe. Yeah, I'm overprotective   "um.. myself?" Vanessa raised an eyebrow. "What makes you think I will hang out with Laura?" she continued. Oh shoot! I forgot about that! "I'm sorry" I muttered. "o-okay" she stuttered. "you okay?" she nodded then scroll down her phone.

Laura POV

"What are you looking at?" someone wrap their arms on my waist then I know it's Riker. "Oh, geez.. you're scared the shit of me" I jumped a little. He giggles. The Giggles. "um.. nothing." I continued. He rolled his eyes. "What are we up to?" I jumped upside down. He laughed and said "We're heading to the beach with the Lynches." My eyes getting widen. "They hate me, don't they?" I frown. "They're not!" he yelled. "okay. the weirdo come too?" I tried to change the subject. "Actually, he's the one who plan for heading to the beach." he shrug. "Ross and Vanessa?" I asked again. "idk yet. they're haven't talked to me today." he sighed. "Yeah! How can I forgot about that?" I palmface myself.

Riker POV

"You're such a dork." I laughed. Laura rolled her eyes. "We're late! Better get dress!" I demand. Can you drive me home. I need to get my bathing suits. I drove her to her house. I wore blue swim trunk and orange T-shirt. I looked at Vanessa. She keep packing her stuff to the black plastic bag since yesterday.

Me (Riker): Hey Nessa! (smiles)

Vanessa: (give a death glare)

Me: I - I mean Vanessa. Ha - ha ( stuttered) Where you going?

Vanessa: Are you a cop?

Riker: (shake his head) No, just me. See ( smiles)

Vanessa: ughhh (groan) somewhere that is no you and Laura (started to walk away but Riker grabbed her waist) Let me go idiot!

Me: (crashed my lips to her lips then pulled away) I can't. Please stop acting like this. Vanessa, please.

Vanessa: (slap him) I don't give a fuck, so stfu and never do that again to me! (stormly get out from the house)

The last thing I know is Vanessa's hand collide with my cheek. And what's make thing more worst? Laura saw I kissed Vanessa and ran to her room. Vanessa already left the house and I need to clear this up with Laura.

*with The Lynches and Ratliff*

Rocky: What took them so long? (looked at his phone and text Riker but still no reply)

Delly: Patient Rock. I'm sure there a reason for that.

Ryland: what kind of reason? (eat his candy)

Ratliff: I want some (snatch Ry's candy)

Ryland: DUDE! NOT COOL (snatch back he's candy)

Delly: Shut up you two.

Rocky: That's it! I'm going in. Can't take it anymore. I could die in here waiting for them to show up.

Everyone except Rocky: Okay. 

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