slipping away

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Da Feeling of life

Done to took

Me to another

Level ,

I gotta keep

My mind on another


Elevating  from

The hate , debating

On shit , That ain't straight

I gotta keep my mind straight

Walking on the wrong

Path , ain't going to

Keep mind  on right path ,

My mind is freak out

Feel like the lights outs

I'm walking in dark shadow

Of my own Windows  shadow

Horned by  reflection  of my demons

life style , got my mind thinkin

Wild , got me sipping on 4 loco,

Is she going loco ? So so People

Can't tell I'm slipping to zone

Where my mind just want to be alone .

What you know about being freak

Out your mind wondering is death going to creep up behind . you sitting there in ya mind wondering  what's gonna to take Your breath away , one heart beat skip away , ya own people don't realize you

Feeling breathless , stay feeling restless . Keep in mind they  don't see singed, when a person is slipping away . They only care about they self to began with any ways ..

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