I couldn'tbelive I had forgotten about bowling. I felt terrible. Luke had tried so hard to show me around and do things for me and I do this to him.

Just at that moment the door bell rang. I rushed downstairs knowing it was Jake. I swung the door open and flashed a simple smile even though I still felt horrible about what happened with Luke. "Hiya." he said."Hey." I said giving him a hug. I Walked out the door and shut it behind me. 'You look amazing." Jake said looking at my dress then back up to my eyes. "Thank you." I said blushing. 

We walked out and he opened the car door for me like a real gentlemen would. 

Dinner was perfect. Jake told me so much about how he loved LA, why he moved here and so on. The night was perfect. I just couldn't stop thinking about Luke. I still felt terrible.

After Jake brought me home and said goodbye, I walked in the house tired. I checked my watch, 9:47, I laughed at myself for being tired so early. Even though I still had school tomorrow I decided on staying up a bit longer, besides I only had two classes and they only started at 11:00.

The house was to quiet. I wondered where the boys were. I walked into the kitchen and I found Daniel laying on the couch with his headphones on, I wondered if I should say hey, but decided to leave him in peace. I walked up the stairs hoping I wouldn't bump into Luke. I made it to my room and took a quick shower and put on my pyjamas. 

I realized that i should probably go apologize to Luke again. I walked out in my bunny slippers and knocked on Luke's door. "Luke, its Emily. Are you in there?" I heard the sound of fifa inside there, so I walked in. 

Luke was sitting on his bed playing play station. "Hey." he said happier then I expected him to be. "Hey, listen, I still feel really bad for forgetting, so I just wanted to say I'm sorry." I paused then said, "Again."  

Luke's POV

I actually wasn't as mad as Emily thought i was, its not like she has done this before. She does come across as a little bit forgetful. "Seriously, I was mad at first, but I got over it, I'm not that childish. And how could I be mad at you." he said winking. "ah, okay good. I was worried you were." she said letting out a breath. 

The only thing that did make me made was that I'm positive she was out on a date, she wouldn't;t just dress up like that for any occasion. I like Emily a lot, since the day I met her, she is just perfect. And to see her with another guy aggravates the shit  out of me. 

"So, who is he?" I said curiously. She sat down on my desk chair and said, "He is gorgeous and so sweet, his name is Jake, Jake Sugg." 

I paused at the name. The name that brought back all those horrible memories from school. It couldn't be the same one. Could it?

She must have noticed my facial expression and asked, "What's wrong, Do you know him." i didn't want to tell her what he did to the boys and us. She seemed so happy, and I loved seeing her happy.

"What does he look like?" i said trying to puzzle together if it was the same guy. "He has pale skin, and dark brown hair. And his eyes, his eyes are the most beautiful, perfect crystal blue." 

Yes. It was him. 

"Oh, yes actually, I do know him, we met after the boys and I moved here." I tried to act like it was a good thing, when it was not at all.

I had to tell Jai, he would know what to do, and he knows I like Emily. "Hey, umh I need to talk to Jai about an idea about a twin talk time video, Do you know where he is?" I asked trying to sound as believable as possible. 

"Yeah he was in his room last time I checked. he had the door opened when i walked here." she recalled. "Okay thanks, I'll see you now." I said smiling. 

She walked out the room with me. I waited for her to enter her room and shut the door before I walked into Jai's room.

"Jai, you'll never guess what Emily just told me." I said walking up to where he was sitting on the edge of the bed watching tv. "What? Did she tell you how much she loveeeddd you." Jai said making googly lovey eyes at me. "Stop that of course she didn't, well you know she kind of stood me up tonight to go on some date." I told him while sitting opposite him on the bed. "Yeah?"

"Well, She stood me up for Jake Strong." I stopped talking after that. The room was actually so silent you could hear a pin drop. "As in the Jake strong from that party?" he said looking more worried then me. "Yes, the one with the blue eyes and the Innocent face." 

"Luke, did you tell her?" he said standing up and pasting back and forth. "That's the thing, I d-didn't." 



I stopped and realized that telling her was probably better. But I couldn't. "Luke, you need to, I couldn't see her get hurt by him, you know him, what he is capable of." 

I couldn't say another word. I had to tell her. Tomorrow. 

I needed sometime to think about this, "Okay, tomorrow?" "Yeah, get some rest though Luke." Jai said instead of just say he wanted me out his room. "Okay, thanks Jai." I said smiling at my twin. 

I walked out the room still feeling quite unsure of the whole situation. What was he doing at an Arts and Drama school? I needed to find out more. But not right now, right now I needed sleep. 

I opened my room door and got changed into my pyjamas. I crawled into bed and switched of the bedside light. Tomorrow had to be a better day.


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