Lilian's POV

{it's always been her POV}

I jolt awake to the bump in the road dad so uncaringly drove over.

"Wo- sorry guys just a little ridge but hey look-" He looks around the car to see everybody but me asleep. Mom is starting to stir. I wouldn't expect less of her. She does have a baby on the way, I'm surprised she's not awake already.

"Well Lilian, looks like me and you are going to be the first to see the house." He says. I nod lazily, pull my blanket up to my shoulders and look out the window. The fog has disappeared now, and thank god for that. I wanted to see this house in its full glory. All I could see now was trees fading into one another due to the speed of the car. My morning vision not aiding me in anyway. All of it was a big green blur.

"Lenny said it should be right down this road." He informs me with both hands on the steering wheel, leaning forward.

It wouldn't be a jump to say that dad may be the most excited out of all of us. I glance at him every-so-often. His sideburns are getting long, along with that scrambled nest of hair he has on that head of his that he calls a mullet. I wouldn't call it a mullet exactly. Come to think of it I don't think anyone does. To me its more of a shaggy excuse of a mop. The stubble on his jaw making the grizzly mountain man look even more convincing.

I fade out of my thoughts as we make a slight turn onto a secluded road. Huge basswoods on either side; kind of like knights standing regulation form for the queens arrival. That's another thing I got good at. Trees. Add it to the list of things this house needs to have.

This road is paved and smooth to drive on. No bumps. Good. Id rather do without another uninvited bumped shoulder from a pothole.

We make another turn and the clear, paved street leaves me. We are now pulling up onto what seems to be a pebbled driveway. The crackles of the small rocks against the tires is soothing in a way. I take this moment to look out the window.

There it is, the house. Its huge, massive even. Its a light yellow or maybe it's just off-white. I cant see anything in the morning. What I can see is wrap-around porch accompanied by one of those swinging benches. I've always wanted one of those. I can also make out a small sliver of the backyard. There, I see a tire swing slightly swaying to the wind. I think I see what seems to be a glitter and a ripple.

A lake. Check. All I needed now was a tiny attic window and I'm in love with this house.

We slow to a stop and the wheels squeal. Dad turns off the radio that I didn't even notice was playing, and pulls the key out of the ignition. All we can hear now is the bird's conversations in the trees above us.

Fall is upon us now. Noticing a few stray leaves on the ground and their brothers falling delicately. I roll down my window the slightest, letting in an un welcomed breeze. With that, Danny shifts beside me in his sleep. I can hear the birds clearer now along with the silent song of the wind chime hanging from the porch. Everything is so surreal and quiet. I'm liking this house more than I thought I would.

My eyes wander over to the house again and travel up it's side only to see a collection of faded windows lining the top of the house. At the very top, there's one huge circular window to top it all off.

An attic.

Thats what ties me over. I'm fully on board with Michigan now. I have all I need here. I'm set to go, no more uncollected Connecticut thoughts and memories will be tugging at me anymore. I'm ready to start over.

I can only hope everyone is as open minded as I am right now.

From the corner of the house I can see a very grimy uncle Lenny emerging from the backyard. He's dressed in what seems to be mud and oil stained overalls and knee-high rain boots. He has a heavy red flannel jacket covering his pudgy torso and a loose fitting cap on his head. He's wiping his hands on a rag and dabbing his forehead. Seems to me that he's been in the shop.

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