Chapter 9

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In that split second, I decided to just let go of all my baggage and accept a new life with the Doctor. Sophie, Madame Halton, that blasted orphanage- it's all my past now.

I beamed at the Doctor. "In that case, how do you feel about the Great Pyramids?"

"That," he chimed. "Sounds like a marvelous idea."

Minutes later, we stood in the tall shadow of the Great Pyramids. The structure seemed to spiral on into the clouds forever. I had to crane my head back just to see the top.

"The Great Pyramids," remarked the Doctor. "You know, when Imhotep, the architect who designed this, was sketching the base plans, he simply wouldn't take my advice to make it a cube and not a pyramid. But it turned out alright, didn't it?"

"A bit more than alright." I replied breathlessly.

All of a sudden we were drowned out in a torrent of screaming Egyptians.

It was bedlam. All around us, people were screaming and running. Not towards something, but away from it. But no matter how hard I strained, I couldn't see above the crowd to know exactly what they were running from. I got my opportunity, though, when a young girl that was so busy looking back over her shoulder that she didn't even bother to look in front of her slammed straight into me and took us both down into the hard-packed sand. As she struggled to get back up in a hassle, I grabbed her arm and yelled above the crowd, "What's going on? What is everyone running from?"

Frantic, she hastily wailed,"It's the monster! The dead have come back to haunt us for our sins!" And with that note, she took off, leaving me in the dust. The dead. The monster. Egyptians. I may not have been given a proper education, but I can put two and two together.

"Mummy?!" I screeched.

Sorry for a short chapter, but writers block is taking its toll on me...

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