Slendor~Let go of your PAIN~for me~

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I heard a man's voice,but I engorged it lately slender and everyone else-I try my best with the kids...I layed in bed not moving an inch I turned off all the lights,closed all curtains opened all windows exactly what I wanted

"Dark&cold...and lonely I sighed feeling sorry for always for some reason I always loved the sick feeling of getting depress and InSaNe.

Until an BRIGHT-A** LIGHT SHINED IN MY FACE.I growled thinking it was Slender trying to cheer me up or some s**t but then I get grab and YANKED OUT OF BED AND PULLED INTO THE LIVING ROOM! UGH!!!where their was a audience I pulled my hood on-trying to cover my face but someone pulls it off and I saw someone in front of me in a poka-dot suit I Traveled up to see the face of the person who keeps "trying to CHEER me up"

It was a man with a BIG smile with rosy cheeks and black dotted eyes-like a cartoon when our eyes met his spoke"HI!!"

Hello...?"I spoke in an a raspy,low voice"Who are you?"

I'm Slendor!"He said-just then i felt...kinda happy

"It's okay...i'll be back..........I love you"

"YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO LEAVE,YOU COULD OF STAY!!!....please,please...

please,please love me-DON'T LEAVE!!!



I grip my hands facing the other way fighting back tears,just then I felt warm hands on the bottom of my chin and pulled my face to his and said:

Don't worry it's NOT your fault.....

I stared for a moment and cling to him.....................he tried.....they all did umm comment((i know yall will not))So when you feel depress(like me)look for slendor

You are not nothing

You are not a loser

You are not a ...TRAGEDY..

Make a part 2?

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