I Thought You Were Dead.

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I opened the door and my face instantly paled. The person who stood in front of me was a part of my past. A part that I thought was dead. Literally. He stood in the doorway holding a small bag but dropped it when I lost all color from my face and started having trouble standing up. He grabbed my shoulders to steady me and quickly let go. I started stumbling again and I started to walk to the couch not that far away when I blacked out and hit my head on the counter on the wall between the kitchen and sitting room. The pain in my head was engulfing me and it was leading me to darkness which I accepted with gratitude.


I was driving my motorbike through the states where I used to live. I lived in California and I used to do underground racing until I got caught that one miserable night. I was driving to one of my many midnight matches. When I got there I went to my normal group which included Stephen, Noah and Sarah. Stephen was about a few inches taller than me, like 5'9-5'10 with short black hair styled into a small quiff, he had a lip ring, he had green eyes and his ears were pierced.

Noah had blonde always styled into a small quiff unless it was down I the front, had blue eyes, 5'11, his ears were pierced, was very tan, fit, had all the ladies, lost his mom to cancer and got her name tattooed on his back written from shoulder to shoulder.

Blaze and I were the best girl riders the underground had. Blaze wasn't her real name, it was Sarah, so she changed it. Her excuse for changing her name was because of her appearance. She had platinum blonde hair, bright blue eyes, perfect cheekbones, blemish free skin, very little freckles, was very fit, and long legs. She said that people would always treat her like a dumb blonde and her name was like a stereotype gone wrong.

We were waiting to be announced as the riders in the race. 4 people per race so there aren't any close calls with a lot of people.

"Kyle, Lacey, Noah, and Nick! Get to your places and get ready to start!." The guy in charge of these races spoke over the hidden speaker system. We were all lined up in our spots. In order from left to right was me, Nick, Kyle then Noah. The screen came down from the ceiling in the garage we started out in every night. The word ready popped up, all four of us put our helmets on and put the glass part down.





Just then the engines of our bikes roared to life. Anything goes. No rules. Do whatever you have to do to win the race. That's exactly what we did. We kicked and got close trying to fake each other out. The road we always used had tons of traffic all of the time. I was going to try to get Nick off course and Kyle was doing the same to Noah. I kicked and kicked until Nick swerved into a fence and was thrown off of his bike. Minor injuries, broken arm, and bruised ribs. Kyle wasn't paying attention when he was trying to knock off Noah so I came to his rescue and started to kick Kyle. We got onto a busy city street and Kyle kept kicking. Kyle kicked Noah's bike the last time and he swerved into the opposite side of the street and ran into a car, throwing him off of his bike landing in the middle of the road, until a truck came upon the street while Noah was lying in the middle of the street in agony. the truck ran right over him. Tears. Warm, salty tears cascaded down my face. I couldn't drive so I stopped on the side of the road away from traffic and called the cops. They came right away and blocked off that street for hours processing what happened. All I could do was sit there and cry. a little later a cop came over to me and asked for my story so I told him the truth. All of it. I was put in a patrol car and taken downtown to the police station. I was in a room with a metal table, 2 metal chairs, a two-way mirror and I sat uncomfortably in one of the chairs for what seemed like hours but was only minutes when the cop came in to ask me a few questions. I told him everything about what happened and then I asked how Noah was.

"He's dead." He said in monotone voice. Warm, salty tears streamed my face harder than before. "Please stand up." I did as told and turned around knowing what was coming, I put my hands behind my back. cold metal wrapped tightly around my wrists. The officer took me to an awaiting cell and harshly pushed me inside." I fell to the floor, curled up into a ball and cried myself to sleep.

*End of Flashback*

"Wakey, wakey. Sleeping beauty wake up." He said. My eyes fluttered open and then slammed shut due to the brightness of the lights. All through out our childhood my nickname was sleeping beauty. Noah's was prince. Blaze was sare. Stephen was charming. Hearing my childhood nickname I tried fluttering my eyes open one more time. This time I succeeded. Standing over my body stood Noah. Him and his 6' stature. I was laying on the couch with a pillow under my head, a cool rag on my forehead and a massive headache starting to form.

"OH MY GOD!!" I screamed. The girls and Cole came rushing down the stairs at the raise of my voice. Cole came out of no where and jumped between me and him. Cole got into his attack position and growled. The girls came to my side and sat next to me. I broke down into tears. He stepped closer but Cole barked and snapped at him a little and he backed up with his hands up in surrender. "I thought you were dead." I said. It was so low he barely heard it. The girls turned to me in shock.

"I was never dead. Even if I was, do you think that I wouldn't be watching over my 'baby sister.'" The girls's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Cole was still growling but he was no longer in attack position. Noah sat down in one of the reclining chairs in the room.

"Noah is an old friend." I stated. "We've grown up together. I mean we were inseparable growing up. We knew everything that happened with each other. We were always there for each other." I said. "Cole stop! Be nice. Noah's a good boy." I said in a baby face cause a blush to spread across Noah's voice. " I was there when Noah's mom died of cancer. Noah was there when my father left my mother and I." I told the story of our relationship throughout the years and they finally understood enough to give me some space so I could hug my 'big bro.'

"After Kyle tried to kill me, I was in a coma for a few days. When I woke up the doctors told me I was in a motorcycle accident and it was a miracle I was still alive. If it weren't for the 'female rider,' as they put it, making the call to the cops I would have been road kill." I gulped and shifted uncomfortably in my seat at his mental picture. "After talking to the doctors for a bit one of the nurses called one of the nearby cops to tell them I was awake. He came in and asked a whole bunch of questions like 'do you wanna press charges on the person who did this?' or 'if so would you like to testify against him in court for attempted manslaughter?' and so on." Noah told us his story after he got out of the hospital and what he had to go through to get to the place he was now. Like when he was in physical therapy he would work out every muscle he could and that's why he was bulkier than the last time. He even told us what happened when he was in witness protection.


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