(Chapter 1 ) Last Day, Nandos, Well Hello There.

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So i dont know if i should do Niall POV So please let me in the comments. I enjoy reading the comments. Usaly its gonna be Addie's POV? Just keep in mind that i do dedications and follow all the people who vote and comment. Like i said i love reading the comments.


Addie's POV...

The bell rung and alot of kids jumped up from there desks.

I sat waiting for Ms.Prek to dismiss the class.

This was the end of my first year of Uni. I loved it here, the smell of the dorms, the perfectly cut green grass, the roses and daisys that are palnted right outside campus.

Everything about it here was great, but i wanted to go home and slip into tights and a large sweatshirt.

I was sitting outside waiting for my mom come pick me up.

Everyone was gone i think it was me and the janitor left on campus.

I saw a black SUV pull up in front of me.

Before i could stand up my mom's percky voice ringed through my ears.

" Sweerheart, i miss you so much!" Before i could reply i was pulled into a bone crushing hug.

" Nice to see you mother!"

I had a huge smile plasterd on my face.

I plugged in my head phones and slowly drifted off.

i think the car ride was about 2 hours.

I woke up to my mom gently tugging my shoulder.

I sat up and pulled my headphones out.

My parents took my bags to my room, the room i havent slept in for a year.

i sat on my bed thinking about all the memories.

As i got all my bags and stuff put together i heard my phone go off.

which i thought was odd because my phone is always dead or all my friends are busy.

It was a text from my best friend Cloe.

From Cloe your bestie: I heard you came home. Wanna catch up and talk at Nando's? My treat.

To cloe your bestie: Sure, let me get ready i look like poop.

From Cloe your bestie: K. Call me when ur ready.

I changed into black skinny jeans and a white sweater, it was very chilly outside.

My hair was pulled into a high ponytail braid.

I didnt fell like calling Cloe so i texted her.

To cloe your bestie:

Im leaving right now ill met you therein about 10 mintues.

I told my mom where i was going she agreed as long as i was home by 9:00.

I took my mom car keys and drove to the Nandos across town.

I walked in and looked around, it wasnt very busy since today was Sunday.

I saw Cloe at a table on her phone.

" Hey there Cloe Boo"

She looked scared, she didnt know i was there she jumped up and smiled pulling me into a side hug.

" Hi Addie"

She was on Twitter, figures.

We orderd some chicken and some water to wash it down.

After our food we decided we were gonna sit and talk and catch up.

" So any romance going on?"

"No." I sighed " Single Pringle"

She took.a sip of her water and said

"Me too"

Then i noticed a big mob on teenage girls and body guards came rolling by the door.

I was confused since about an hour ago this place had only 4 people in here and now there are hundreds of screaming girls outside.

The bell rang on the door and in came five very attrative boys walked in.

They all lookes around and smiled at everyone.

There was a big man outside holding the girls back.

The boys sat in a table across from us. And were very loud and were on there phones.

I smirked and how loud they were.

Cloe didnt even notice. I think she was on Twitter.

When the boys food got there, there whole table was full.

Then one walked over to me and my stomach was doing flips.

" Hello Love, can we borrow some salt?"

I nodded and handes him the salt, our hands touched and it sent tingles though my whole body.

He sent me a toothy smile and said

" Thanks love"

" Im Niall, and you are?"

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