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Written by:- SodaMahone

Status:- Completed

There is no sequel.

This book is written by one of my favourite author. I love the storyline, characters and everything in this book. Justin is so mysterious and Daddy in this book ;) I love the chemistry and sexual tension(during the first few chapters) between the main characters.


"Don't get too close, Belle. Don't fall for me"

Isabelle Moore, was a normal girl. She followed the rules, she played by the rules. Never in her twenty-one years of living, did she dared to break boundaries, or do anything of a sort which was classed as spontaneous. That was until she offered a job as a nurse. Not just any nurse, but a nurse in all men's prison. Having nothing left for her in the real world, she doesn't hesitate to take up the offer. Only then does she met the man that seems to be thought highly of throughout the prison.

Justin Drew Bieber

When curiosity kills the cat, she find herself intrigued by the man as the days go on. Little does she know how misunderstood he is. With a dark past of his own, she can't help but grow curious of the dark, beautiful, human being.

"He's just.......fallen"

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