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*Christen and Que are at the school gym alone. Why? Well Christen's dad is the principal of the school. She is allowed to have the key and lock up whenever she wants too.They are playing basketball. One on One. *

Christen: *breathing hard* ok we're tied 50-50.

Que: how about every time I make a shot you strip.

Christen: what for?

Que: *dribbles* well remember how I said I wanted to have sex under the bleachers...

Christen: yea so...

Que: If I win we have to if you win we don't

Christen: ok seems fair enough let's do it


After 20 minutes, Que wins!

Que: under the bleachers we go!

Christen: ok but just a quickie..I still got homework to do

~Under The Bleachers~

*You and Que quickly strip. You start off by going down on him.*

Christen:*take it in your hand* when's the last time someone did this

Que: well that last someone was you and we've been dating for 8 months so...

Christen: oh ok...

*Christen starts sucking off Que. He pushes her head down further and further and enjoys every minute of it. After its all wet and ready Que bends Christen over and sticks it in. He starts of slow then goes faster. Christen is moaning loudly.*

Christen: *screeching* OMG! yesss Que

Que:*slaps her ass* whats my name

Christen: Ja- Jacq- Jacquees

Que: *pulls her hair and continues* I can't hear you * rams into her*

Christen:*screams* Jacquees

Que: there you go

Que POV~

Within about 10 minutes Christen releases her warm liquids . That made me happy but it wasn't over. I laid down on the ground and she got on top. I felt her adjusting and sticking Lil Que in. When she did , she started bouncing slowly then got faster. It was feeling so good. I tried not to moan but she went faster. Her boobs were bouncing everywhere. I massaged both of them in my hand. "shit" was all I could say. She was wearing a nigga out.

Christen's POV~

I was almost to my climax. I could tell Que was about to burst. We don't have a condom so I need to be careful. As soon as I feel that first twitch I'm jumping. I'm not going to say this out loud but Que's dick is bomb. I felt the twitch and I jumped off. I stroked him until I seen the white stuff.

Que:*moaning* damn bae ... give me a kiss

Christen:*kisses him*

Que: are the cameras off?

Christen: don't worry about that

Que: I am worried!

Christen: they are off ok?

Que: the next time we're in here I'll bring some condoms

Christen: you need to cause I wanted to keep going...

Que: sorry I never though you'd do it but next time I'll be prepared

Christen:*puts clothes back on* that's if there is one


I need to get better at freaky ones but I hope you enjoyed


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