Chapter 1

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Draco Malfoy was going back to Hogwarts witchcraft and Wizardry to complete his last year, which he could not complete before because of the dark lord taking residence in his house and torturing him.

He was glad that the dark lord had been killed; now he could live his life as he wanted to without being told what to do or being scared that the next thing he does will earn him the cruciatus curse.

Currently, he was entering the Hogwarts express, which was crowded as ever. Though it was always easy for Draco to find a seat, today it was harder than normal, to top it of people were giving him looks of loathing. Worse still he didn't have any friends that he could talk to. Most of them were killed or put into Azkaban for being associated with the dark lord but he was left unpunished because of Potter's testimony. The ones that were here though paid him no heed and called him a coward for trying to protect his mother, father and himself. What was so wrong in trying to protect the ones that you love? If people thought what he did was wrong he was happy that he was no longer friends with those sick heartless people. Once upon a time everyone thought he was heartless, most still do, but after your father was being in league with the dark lord and you witnessing horrible things, being taught not to feel, causes one to hide their feelings and emotions therefore looking heartless.

He finally found a lone compartment and took long strides to enter it before anyone else could claim it as their own. Draco knew that no one would come and bother him as most of them were either scared of him or loathed him. He didn't care though; he came here to finish his education not to make friends. As long as he could get the NEWTS he wanted, he could get a job somewhere and never see these people again, maybe even go to a different country if he had to, just to get away from the judging glances people sent his way. Who would employ a former death eater though? People would still judge, even if he had the best grades. In other countries, though, it wouldn't be as bad which was the main reason why he wanted to get away.

The train ride to Hogwarts took as long as it always did and before he knew it Draco was exiting the train, ready to enter the school. As he was entering he saw new faces as well as the ones he knew, Potter, Weasely, Granger, Longbottom, they were mostly Gryffindors but there were some Ravenclaws, Slytherins and Hugglepuffs here and there, he could spot Luna from where he was standing because of her odd sense of fashion. He entered the castle and proceeded to enter the great hall for the sorting ceremony and to eat. It was weird how the castle looked as it always did, not a thing out of place. There were still candles floating above the four house tables, there was still the teachers' table at the front of the hall, the only difference was Professor Dumbledore, with his twinkling eyes behind his half moon spectacles was not there, instead in his place was Professor McGonagall. It was like the great second wizarding war never occurred and it was any normal day. But the people involved in it would never be the same again. Sure the injuries to their body will heal but the injuries to the heart and soul by their loved ones dying would take a long time to heal and may never actually heal.

Draco went and sat at the end if the Slytherin table, far away from anyone else. Everyone moved as far away from him as possible. At the front end of the hall Professor McGonagall stood up to silence everyone.

"Welcome, students old and new, for another year at Hogwarts. I know times have been tough and will continue to be tough for the ones that have lost people dear to their heart but that doesn't mean we can't get through it. The Dark Lord is dead so we can have a peaceful year at Hogwarts for once. This year there is more number of 7th year students than normal because many of them missed out on their education last year and some have decided to return and get their NEWTs “At the mention of additional seventh years, students started to look around curiously. When people realised that the golden trio were a part of the returning seventh years whispers broke out, Draco thought that they didn't see them before because of the hustle and bustle of the new school year.

"Now because of the more number of peoples the dormitories have changed a little to accommodate them”. She went on about the normal rules and regulations at which point Draco had tuned out."I know this will be a hard year for everyone but try your best. You may now eat" She concluded.

All around him different types of food were appearing. There was Chicken, Roast, and other sorts. He picked up the roast and started to eat with good table manners. He wasn't like Weasely; he was brought up properly and knew how to eat. He didn't eat like a barbarian or like he never had eaten food before. Weasley might not have been getting enough food seeing the size of his family and being poor. It might be the only time he actually ate a proper meal. He didn't hate weasel as he used to but some things never change.

After he was finished eating, he made his way to the Slytherin common room that was located in the dungeons.He had heard the password by a first year who was passing by. The Slytherin common room was located partway under a lake so it had a green light flowing through it. There are a lot of leather sofas and cupboards on top of which are skulls. Overall the common room was very grand but it also had a cold atmosphere kind of like most of Slytherin house’s attitude.

He made his way to the seventh year dormitory and seen his luggage by a bed.He guessed it was his and got ready to go to sleep.

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