Divergent-Fiona's story

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I wake up and remember that it's aptitude testing today.

Hi! My name is Fiona, and my faction is Amity. But, I think I'm going to switch....I never really fit in.

"Honey! Come down its time for breakfast!" My mother's sing-songy voice says. I never really liked my parents either....too happy.

"Coming!" I yell back down. I look at myself in the mirror. Bright red hair, bright green eyes. Freckles on my pale face. It would look like fit in Amity but, I just don't.

I go downstairs and my father and mother are at the table smiling. My sister is sitting there, looking grumpy (as usual). She shouldn't be nervous. She knows where she belongs. She always tells the truth, even if it hurts your feelings. She can tell when I'm lying too. She says my "tell" is when I play with my hair. She belongs in candor. I finish my breakfast and head of to school.


As I'm walking in the hallway I get pushed onto the ground. I look up to see two giggling dauntless.

"Watch where you're going hippie!" Hippie is the nickname for our faction. Stiff for abnegation, loud mouth for candor, egg head for erudite. I'm still working on a name for them.

"Are you okay?" An abnegation asks, while helping me up. I put on my fake cheery additude and answer.

"Yea! I'm fine" UG! My own attitude hurts me!

"Oh ok well I'm Beatrice, but I have to get going." She says, then walks away. I get to my first class.


It's lunch time and I'm VERY nervous.

"Beatrice prior and Fiano pure" the voice calls. I stand up as well as Beatrice. I go into the room and see I'm being tested by a abnegation. I sit on the chair.

"Drink this." He says, handing me a glass. I look at it, then drink it.

I'm back in the cafeteria. "Choose a voice says." I see cheese and a knife. I pick up the knife. I hear growling and turn around. There is a dog coming toward me. Am I supposed to kill it? No...I don't have the heart. I pat my knees and say,

"Here boy! Come on!" He starts panting and licks my face. I laugh.

"Puppy!" A little girl says. The dog growls and charges at her. I think quikly and whistle so the dog looks at me instead. Everything goes black.

I'm on a bus instead. A man reading a newspaper looks at me. "Do you know this man?" He asks. He is pointing to a picture where a man who looks very familiar is. "Well, do you?" He asks.

"Yes." I answer. Blackness.

I'm back in the testing room and the abnegation man is pale. "You're test results were insiclusive. They call it divergent." I've heard of divergent before and I know all about it so I'm very worried. He continues. "But the thing is...you got all the factions."

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