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You went overseas, to the place you've dreamed of ever since. But the moment you got there, you lost everything and all that's left is you and your guitar. But with the help of your guitar and your talent, an unexpected twist happens to your story. What would you do? How would you deal with it? Find out how Ashlie Gale handles her very exciting and fun adventure with 2PM boys and how she found herself in that very uptight position.

Chapter 1-Seoul

“Ashlie! Better hurry up! I’m sure you wouldn't want to miss the flight of your life!” My cousin Jenna shouted. She was done fixing her office stuff, plus she's going to drive me to the airport. I have been planning this trip to Seoul, Korea my whole life and now I’m just a plane away to turn it into reality! I’m Ashlie Gale Fernandez btw, journalist at the Shiny Magazine and a huge KPOP fan. I’m 21 yrs. Old and happily single. My bias group btw is 2PM and my bias kpop artist is LEE JUNHO omo! Saying his name makes me squeal! I love them all though. Moving on, Jenna and I are on our way to the airport, with Jenna on the wheels, I'm sure we'd be there in no time. At the time being, Jenna couldn’t contain her excitement, I mean, I was the one leaving and yet she was more excited than I was.

"Don't forget to bring home tons of goodies, ok? And lots of pictures!" she squealed.

"Of course I won't Jen. I'll make lots of memories there, that's for sure! After all, one month's a long way to go!" I myself couldn't hold in the excitement any longer.

"Make sure when you see your bias there, you don't get too dazed, ok? You might forget everything that you've worked so hard for to see them and talk to them personally."

"Jen, I won't. And besides, seeing my biases there isn't the only reason why I'll go there, you know I need some alone time, to think and inhale a new breeze of air."

"Yes Ashlie, I know. You've been through a lot lately and immersing yourself into a new environment is a good way to somehow forget everything else that happened.."

Our conversation stopped there, we were just a few minutes away and silence was all I needed then. We arrived at the airport and Jenna helped me with my luggage, I brought my guitar with me so I just wore it as a backpack. With me also is a big trolley bag plus a bag where my immediate necessities are in. While walking towards the departure area, I can't help but wonder how am I supposed to deal with my humongous luggage? Anyway, Jenna was in a hurry so she quickly disposed my bag to the inspection area and hugged me tight and bade me farewell. I still had to wait for three hours before my flight takes off so I put on my headphones and made the music take me away. It was sooner that I realized my trip was readying for takeoff. So upon hearing the announcement, I head to my plane and to the seat assigned to me and started to do what a plane passenger does. I was asleep most of the trip, not really minding how long it would take. When I woke up, the pilot announced that in thirty minutes we'll be making our descent to our designation. I was a bit sloppy then sleeping the whole trip and then suddenly descending when I woke up! Boy how glad I was when my feet finally touched the ground! We arrived at Incheon airport and I was bit nauseous but my excitement overpowered that tired feeling and I before I knew it, I had my humongous bag with me and my guitar strapped to my back, my necessity bag and myself. I started walking out of the airport and felt so free when I finally reached outside and felt the cold air. It was comforting yet I still felt nervous. I rode the bus trying not to look so "foreigny" and took pictures of the sight we passed through. Jenna already took care of the hotel that I was to stay in and booked me. I didn't feel like going there yet because I had this gut feeling that there are still a lot to explore so yeah. I went down somewhere past the city then down to Busan. Boy it was amazing! Just like Manila but more clean and organized, haha! And there were a lot of trees, cafe's, restaurants and many more! I ate at a small yet good looking food house that I passed by. It looked so cozy and warm inside and I thought I should try, since I am really famished when I got here. The crew was nice. They knew I was trying hard to speak Hangul so they called their manager who speaks fluent English. I ordered the famous kimbap, rice wine and pork grinds. It was a sumptuous meal I never imagined, I forgot all the tired feeling I got earlier and it felt so good. I am so full now, so I finally decided to leave, I paid the ahjumma (old woman) there and said thank you and that I'll be back again soon, but before fully leaving, I asked the ahjumma where I could ride a bus or taxi going to my hotel, she gave me instructions, I should ride first a bus then upon reaching Seoul, I should ride a taxi and just tell the driver my hotel's name and I'll be there in no time, after which she bade me farewell.

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