Kakashi One-Shot (Volkbain)

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Name: Arai Komakai

Age: 16

Personality: when you first meet her, Shen maybe very shy but once she's comfortable with the person, she can be a very nice happy person who is more than willing to fight if it's worth fighting for.

Looks: Dirty Blond to shoulders, blue/grey eyes that are slowly turning hazel, a little bit tan but more on the peach skin side. She normally wears baggy boy clothes. She will wear other stuff like skinny jeans because there handy downs, but normally baggy stuff.

-----THE LINE!-----

~Arai's POV~

"Ohhh, dammit," I glared at the mask and tried reaching for it again. Not reaching, I went and grabbed a chair. I put it next to then shelf and stood on it. Finally reaching the damn mask I jumped down and fixed it onto my face.

It wasn't mine, because I was a civilian, but it was my dads, and the Hokage has no right to keep it! Even if my dad was a famous ninja.

Yep, that's right! My dad was the most, well almost, famous ninja in the village! And I'm proud! His name was Yūki Komakai, controller of shadows. My father could control the shadows better than the Nara clan! He could even morph himself into one or separate his shadow, like Peter Pan! Unfortunately, he went M.I.A. Most people think he's dead, but I know better!

"Ninjas aren't allowed in here, let alone a civilian," I let out a squeal and whipped round, to face who had caught me. In front of me was an ANBU wih a wolf mask, silver spikey hair, and

Cold eyes. Well, what I could see through the mask slits, anyway.

"U-uh, well, I, uh" I took a big breath and took the mask off, then hugged it to my chest.

"I, uh....my names K-Komakai..Arai. D-...daughter of Komkai Yūki. I, uh...." I closed my eyes and gripped the mask closer to my chest. In my mind I tried to pretend that I was I front of my dad. Explaining the flower cycle to him. Opening my eyes, I looked towards the silver-haired ANBU and with new determination, stepped forward and opened my mouth.

"In my mind, this mask was MY dads. So it should now belong to me, as I am the last person of the family. I don't care if he was working directly under Hokage-Sama, it's MY dad's mask, therefore it should now belong to me. Besides, it's , it's....the only th-thing, I , uh, have left of him," There was silence for a couple of minutes, but to me it felt like hours had gone by before he actually did anything.

"I'm glad to see you have moral courage, but breaking into the Hokage building was not the way to go about it. I will escort you out." I signed and followed him out the building.

--------.....You know the drill.....just incase you forgot. ITS THE LINE, OMG!

It's been a couple of weeks since I broke into the Hokage's office. He found out,obviously, but didn't do anything. When I stepped into his office, he just smiled and started saying stuff about bravery, but I wasn't really listening. Anyway, I was allowed to keep the mask, alond with my dads katana, which ,by the way, he never used.

At the moment, I was enjoying some ramen at Ichirakus, I loved it here, the nooodles were excellent.

"Hello again!"

"AHHHHH!" I slammed my bowl down on the culprits head,lights flashing and people applauding in the background while I did.....not really. I tried to slam my bow, on the persons head, but my wrist was caught by a hand that was wearing a familiar glove.

I looked at the person and my eyes widened in shock.

"Y-you!" He smiled, well at least I thought he did, because even though he wasn't wearing his ANBU mask,he was still wearing a dark blue cloth mask that covered the bottom half of his face. His headband was also covering his left eye.

"Mind if I eat some ramen with you?" He asked. "By the way, my name is Kakashi."

I shook my head and he sat next to me. "N-nice to m-meet you," I said. He nodded while ordering.

I finished and payed for my ramen just as a bowl was placed in front of him. He went to take his mask and I watched him carefully, fully intent on seeing his whole face. Unfortunately for me, I blinked and by the time my eyes opened, he was finished.

"Wh-what.....what!? H-how did y-you...do that..." I just shook my head and was about to walk out of the shop when a hand quickly snatched up my wrist.

I looked towards Kakashi, who was holding my wrist, and gave him a questioning look. He..eye smiled and gave me a peck on the cheek. He still had his mask on of course.

"Let's do this more often," He said before taking of, jumping from roof to roof.


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