Is Craving Attention a Sin? (Freewood)

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"Oh, come on!"

"NO! I don't even-it barely even covers your ass!"

"It's cute! And it's only around the guys anyways."

"It doesn't.. Where did you even buy this?!"

"...I maaaay have purchased it on an online site for sexy woman's costumes."

"Jesus fucking Christ, Gavin." 

Ryan had his arms folded in defiance, looking at the goofy Brit standing in the middle of their bedroom, his green eyes wide and pleading. "Let me wear it! It'll be fun!"

He turned to shake his ass as if to accentuate his point and Ryan rolled his eyes, trying to keep down his mild arousal at seeing Gavin in such a tight and revealing costume.

"They already joke about me fucking animals. How am I going to live it down if I bring you in there like this?" The short dress Gavin was wearing was white with black spots, a long tail protruding from the rear end and matching ears attached to his head on a band, sticking out between his golden brown locks. What really tied the skimpy cow costume together was a red collar with a felt bell hanging from it with the word 'Edgar' written in black permanent marker on it.

"It's a costume party! They'll think it's funny!" Gavin defended, hands on his hips.

"Yeah, that's the problem! Besides, every guy in the office is gonna be looking at your ass in that." He groaned at this realization, knowing that at least Michael would be checking out his boyfriend all night.

"Yes, but it will only make it better to know that I belong to you." Gavin cooed and Ryan felt a blush creep up his cheeks as he tried to keep his stern face. Gavin cocked an eyebrow, noticing the spreading redness as he stepped forward slowly, hooking his arms around the older man's neck and kissing his stubbly jawline. "I belong to you." He repeated more deliberately.

"Maybe you need to be reminded of that?" Gavin asked as he turned around, one arm still around Ryan's neck. He pressed his ass against Ryan's groin, moving it in slow, hard circles. 

"Shit, Gav. You're making this hard." Ryan muttered, his broad hands reaching down to grasp Gavin's slender sides.

Gavin pressed bark harder, grinning. "It's not the only thing I'm making hard." Ryan snorted before rolling his hips forward, chewing on his lower lip as his eyes fluttered closed.

"Mmm.. Maybe I'll let you wear it if you, fuck right there," He grunted as Gavin wriggled his ass, pressure brushing over the tip of Ryan's erection. "Fuck.. Get on the fucking bed now." He pushed Gavin forward and the younger man stumbled to do as he was told, laying on his back and spreading his legs to reveal-

Ryan stopped dead in his path to grab the lube, cocking an eyebrow. "...Are you wearing panties?"

Gavin blushed, pursing his lips. "Well I bloody well couldn't wear boxers with this now could I? They'd stick out of the bottom of the dress!" The white lace poked out as the costume rose with his position and a predatory grin spread across Ryan's face as he quickly grabbed the bottle and tossed it onto the bed.

"You little slut." He purred, his hand running up Gavin's thigh and under the fabric to scratch lightly at his bare side. His eyes raked down the Brits body and he hummed his appreciation. "You like being stared at, don't you, my little whore? You enjoy when they ogle you and your sexy little figure, hmm?" He bit down on Gavin's shoulder, licking the red mark as the young man whimpered under him.

"And maybe I like showing you off." Ryan continued, rutting forward and making Gavin gasp. "Maybe I want them to see what only I can have." His voice was low and sultry, laced with promise of dominance as he hooked a finger under Gavin's collar, lifting his head up slightly to connect their mouths. He took the lad's lower lip between his teeth, pulling on it gently as he rucked up the costume, grinding his clothed erection against the smooth lace.

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