Chapter Ten: Disaster (Part One)


Eli’s P.O.V

Blair decided to go to her parent’s house and try to tell them the big news about her having my baby.

What do I do with a pregnant girl?

I love Blair to death! I’ll do anything for her. But at the same time, I have a lot on my mind. Schoolwork, Fitz, my family and even a house I have to maintain.

How do I take care of a pregnant nineteen year old?

Taking care of a baby is harder than it looks. I’ll have to get a job at McDonalds.

And I don’t think McDonalds will hire a weird gothic freak like me.


I’ll scare the kids…

I don’t ever want Blair to do something she doesn’t want to do like getting an abortion, but I think it’s taking the easier way out. To me, death is probably one of the coolest things ever.

What the hell am I talking about?

I leaned back in my hearse and watched as Imogen and a random team of grown men went inside the apartment carrying boxes and furniture.

“I’m telling you, there’s no way to clean that-

“Eli… whatever your middle name is… Goldsworthy, we got this.” Imogen chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and checked my phone noticing three text messages from Tess.

Tess Middleton: Hey Eli, this is Tess I just wanted to tell you that Jade gave me your number.

Tess Middleton: I hope this doesn’t bother you, but I was just wondering how you were doing? Need anything?

Tess Middleton: I feel weird texting you so I’ll stop.

Me: No need, I don’t really get text messages all the time so it’s a pleasure.

I don’t know how I feel about Tess. I mean, she’s a cool girl. She’s into most of the things I’m into. Like Dead Hand my favorite band, she’s a crazy person, like me.

But frankly Blair and Imogen hate her to pieces. I think they need to give the girl a chance. It was only one day and they want her to disappear.

Blair what happened to “I love everyone, I don’t think nobody should bully.”? Earlier today, you booted the girl from our table.

Goes to show how most people can easily go back on their word.

“Done!” Imogen squealed as she came out of the apartment along with the cleaning men.

I popped my head out the window. “You did not clean that whole apartment in,” I looked down at my watch then back at Imogen. “Ten minutes.”

“Would you like to take a look?”

I smirked then opened the door and let myself out. “There is no way you cleaned and designed that apartment.” I said as I walked towards the house.

“Elijah Goldsworthy, you’ll be surprised what this quirky art girl can do.” She snickered as she opened the door.

I let myself in and couldn’t believe what I saw. The floors didn’t make loud noises everywhere you walked only in some places. The walls completely covered and the greatest part is…no green water falling from the ceiling! And on top of that there was a black sofa that sat in the living room.

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