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Ariel's POV:

"Fuck no!" Harry shouts and I roll my eyes.

"Harry, you have to!" I whine.

"Nope" He crosses his arms and I let out a groan. He's always so stubborn.

"Than what are you going to where?" I raise my eyebrows and gaze at him as he furrows his eyebrows and his lips turn into a frown.

We've been at the mall for the past 3 hours trying to find an outfit for the formal. But the stubborn ass boy wouldn't stop complaining about having to wear a tux. I watch as his frown turns into a smirk as he answers.

"A condom" He shows a toothy grin and I huff in annoyance. That doesn't even make any sense. He's horny 24/7 and it's ridiculous. 

"First, that makes no sense and second is there ever a time you're not sexual?" I ask. I watch as his lips turn into a frown again. He's actually thinking for an answer. 

"Don't answer the question, Harry" I groan not wanting to know his answer. I sit on the small chair in the corner of the dressing room and watch as he starts to undress him self. He slides the soft silky material of his dress pants down his legs and they pool around his ankle before he steps of them. He unbuttons the white button up shirt that showed his tattoos through the thin material. He slides the shirt off this hands before the it's fully off and now he only stands in his boxers. I try not to look at his toned body but fail miserably as my eyes scan his tones body. The way the tattoos are mainly on his left arm, scattered all over the place. I still don't even though the meaning of the tattoos. There's only a couple he's ever talked about, the others he likes to keep a secret. My eyes look at his hands that look extra big due to his big biceps which can make any girl drool over them.

"Have been working out?" I blurt without the words even processing in my brain. I look down in embarrassment. He always has this effect on me even after almost 3 years. Whatever he says makes me blush like crazy.

"Uh, yeah I have been working extra hard during training" He smiles picking up the clothing and putting them back onto the hanger and hooking them up onto the rack on the wall. He takes his black jeans that are ripped by the knees and pulls them up on without any effort. I don't get how he wears such tight jeans and pulls them on with no effort. If it was any girl trying to put jeans on, they have to jump around all over the place just to get them over their ass. And the way Harry's legs are toned makes me jealous because he has better legs than me or any girl. He picks up his black shirt that I've worn so many times that it has my scent on it and pulls his over his head and his nice body now gets covered. The arming of the shirt is pinned up on both sides and shows off his killer biceps. He pulls out his two necklaces he always wears; the cross and a key necklace and he places it over his shirt so it shows and isn't being hidden under his shirt. He puts on his brown boots that makes him look even sexier due to his jeans and takes the clothing off the rack. 

He unlocks the door and opens it waiting for me to get up and get out of the dressing room with him following me. He entwines our fingers together and he walks over to the cashier placing the two items on the platform.

"Harry, we can find something else for you to wear." I say since he was complaining earlier.

"No, no. I want to" He smiles pressing his lips to my forehead while the cashier scans the items.

"You're total is $250" The young man names Matt says. After Harry pays and Matt talks to Harry about boxing and fighting, we finally leave the store.

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