Jason! You Ass!

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Eli Heart

My alarm started playing "Burn" By Ellie Goulding. I yawned and slammed my hand down on the alarm, turning it off. I jumped out of my bed, grab hygiene things, and went straight into the bathroom. I stripped out of my clothes and jumped right into the shower. I washed my by body with my favorite strawberry and mango body wash. When I was done, I opened my shower curtain, and screamed for my life. Jason popped out of no where in his Chucky costume . He took a picture of me a ran out the bathroom.

"JASON! YOU ASS!" I screamed. I wrapped my towel around myself and chased after him. When I get him, I'm going to rip out his eyeballs, shove them in his ass, pull them out, and make him eat them. I smirked at the thought of me doing that to him. I tackled him and grabbed the picture. I started running down the stairs but slipped on the last two steps. Jason took back the picture and stood in front of me...smirking.

"Rip it up Jason" I said glaring at him

"No can do sister. I plan on sending this to my bestfriend brother." He said smirking at me. My eyes widen, Jason was talking about my bestfriend, Carly, brother, Jack. Carly has two brothers, my brother's bestfriend, Joshua, and Jack, he's 18. Jack is down-right sexy but a complete pervert. I stared at my brother and glared

"What do I have to do?" I said

"Take Joshua and I to the sleepover friday for Halloween" Jason said crossing his arm.

"Fine." I said. He gave me the picture and ran back to his room but not before shouting,


This is not a good way to wake up.

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