Lost (an imagine for @lwoody69)

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"Expelliarmus!", shouted Dolohov, his hair whipping around his face. Your wand left you fingers. You were trapped. And in this battle, being trapped was essentially the same as being dead. This was the Battle of Hogwarts, and you were underage, which meant you had really no possible chance of living.

Dolohov backed you into a corner. He smiled, taking evident pleasure in your despair. He raised his wand. "Cruci-"


A jet of red light hit Dolohov, and he was still. You look around for your savior, and spot a blur of blonde hair and black robes rushing towards you.

"C'mon Leah, we've got to get you the hell out of here!", yelled Draco above the din. Your Slytherin prince had saved you. He cast a spell into a crowd of wizards, breaking them all apart. This was the Draco you knew. He never wanted anyone to get hurt, although most people thought he was a killer. He hated fighting. Seeing as this was a giant fight, he must be sick to his stomach.

Draco grabbed your arm and pulled you upright; you had been curled up in the corner. A jet of white light nearly hit your head as you stood up. Draco was right. This was no fight for a thirteen year old girl.

Running, the two of you find an exit and haul ass out of the castle, holding hands the entire way. You sprint down the hill, leaving behind the noise and the death. You ran until you reached the gates. It was eerily quiet.


Draco pulled you into a hug, kissing the top of your head. He sobbed silently.

"Are you okay please say you're okay I love you I was so worried please say you're fine," he whimpered through the tears.

You sigh, saying, "I'm fine. Perfectly unharmed." You couldn't say much more. You were ecstatic that Draco was alive, and the relief was crashing over you in waves. "I love you."

People always said that it was wrong for a thirteen year old to be with a sixteen year old, but to you it was perfectly fine. You loved Draco more than life.

Draco obviously returned these sentiments, because he started kissing you fiercely. His tongue batted your teeth, begging for entrance, which you permitted. You wrapped your arms around his neck, burying your hands in his hair.

The euphoria was short lived.

You heard a bang like a gunshot, and Draco crumpled in your arms. It had been a gunshot. Your heart sank.

"Where does it hurt please tell me don't die please Draco please..." Now you were the one blubbering through tears. He couldn't die, he couldn't die, he couldn't die..... Panic clouded your mind as a crimson blossom of blood appeared through his shirt. It was coming from his stomach. You found it hard to breathe.

"Look at me Draco please say you're going to live I need you please come back please don't go....." His eyes were watering, and his breath was coming in short gasps. The blood formed a pool in the grass.

You picked up Draco's head, holding his forehead against yours. The light was beginning to fade out of his blue eyes. Blood made your hair stick to his cheek, but you didn't care.

"I love you," whispered Draco.

He shuddered once, and was still.

You keened with grief. The love you cherished was lost.

You had nothing left to live for. There was no point in living any longer. You were lost.

You looked around, and spotted a gun in the grass a few feet away. This must have been the gun that killed Draco, the thing that took his life. You wanted to crush it, demolish it, drop it and never look back. But everything had a purpose.

You just wanted to be with Draco.

So you raised the gun to your forehead, closed your eyes, and pulled the trigger.


Okay I lied

I didn't wait for thirty votes to post again

I got a request and I wanted to write it so ha

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So I hope you like it @lwoody69

I was up until three in the morning writing this

No regrets

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Not that I care

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