Saving Ponyboy (a short outsiders sequel)

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I sat back and looked down at the theme I had finally finished.  "That should do it..." I said out loud.  I felt as though a weight had been lifted off my chest and I could breathe again.  It felt good to tell someone about it.  I check my watch that Soda had bought me recently.  The watch read 12:30.  "Is it really that late?" I said out loud.  I didn't bother with a shower.  'I'll take one in the morning.' I thought sleepily.  A few minutes past and I slipped into a deep peaceful sleep.

            "Pony!" I heard a voice yell while I was shaken repeatedly.  "Ponyboy Curtis get your lazy behind out of bed or you'll be late!"  That got my attention I sat straight up and nearly whacked my head with Sodas'.  "Whoa!  Watch it Pony!" Soda said "You nearly took my head off!" I laughed at his dramatic gestures that he used to indicate how precious his head was.  "It's not funny!" he said with mock-hurt in his voice."Alright it's not funny..." I said sincerely.  "It's hilarious!" "Ha-ha Mr. Smarty" Soda said sarcastically "now get out of bed and get ready or I won't save you breakfast."  I rolled my eyes and got out of bed.  I took a quick shower and put on my clothes.  Then I ran downstairs for breakfast.

                "Took ya long enough." Darry said as he walked past the table about to grab a bagel.  I stuck out my tongue at him.  I know it's childish but I couldn't think of a comeback and I had a faceful of bagel.  Soda walked down the stairs and came into the kitchen.  "I gotta go guys!" he exclaimed as he looked at the clock.  He grabbed a bagel and put in his mouth.  "Bye!" he shouted around the bagel as he walked of the kitchen.  Darry just shook his head and smiled.  "You better get goin' too Pony!" Darry said. "You don't want to be late."

            As I walked to school I couldn't help but think of the paper in my bag.  I wondered if it was a good idea to just practically spill my guts to my English teacher.  'I guess it's too late to write something else.' I thought.

            When I walked into my English classroom I looked over at Mr. Syme. I had a hollow feeling in my stomach as I walked up to him and handed in my theme.  'I need a weed.' I thought to myself 'I need to calm down.'  "That's an awful long theme, Pony." Mr. Syme said flipping through the pages quickly.  "It's an awful long story." I said hesitantly.  "Well I'm sure I'll enjoy reading it." He replied with a smile.  "You can take your seat now Ponyboy."  "Yessir" I replied.

            School went by normally because it was a normal day.  So before I know it I'm walking home.  I got home and turned on the T.V.  When I did the news was on.  It usually was considering its all Darry watched.  As I was watching there was a story on Johnny.  I turned up the volume to hear it better.  "We are here at the funeral of Johnny Cade." The newscaster proclaimed.  'Funeral?' I thought 'There ain't no funeral.  If there was I would've been invited.'  As I was thinking I saw Johnny's' mother on the screen.  I sat there listening to her blubber for five minutes about how she loved Johnny and how she knew this would happen someday what with the kinds of friends he had.  My hand clutched the remote. 'She can't say nothin'!' I thought filling with rage. 'She didn't give a rats' behind about what happened to Johnny!'  Before I knew what had happened my hand was flying along with the remote.  The remote sailed through the air and hit the wall right next to the T.V. and made a noticeable dent in the wall.  'Good thing my aim is awful.' I thought in relief.  Then I switched off the T.V. and went to my room to do my home work.

            I had finished my homework by the time Soda came home.  "Did the mail come yet!?!" I heard him yell.  I heard the rustling of his coat missing the sofa and hitting the floor. Then the thump of his shoes as he kicked them off.  Finally I heard his footsteps walk to the kitchen for a glass of milk.  'Same ol' Soda' I thought as I picked up a book off the floor and began to read.  A few minutes later Soda walked in the room with a glass of chocolate milk in his hand.  He sat down next to me; well it was more of a plop.  "Watcha readin'?" he asked me, turning his head so he could see the cover. I folded the corner of the page I was on and looked at the cover.  It read: Gone with the Wind.  A picture of me reading to Johnny flashed through my mind immediately followed by an image of Johnny's' red-streaked, sweaty face from the fire.  I shook my head clear of the images.  "Darry said he's gonna be home real late." Soda said "So unless you want me to cook I guess you're on your own." "I think I'll manage." I said quietly.  "You alright Pony?" Soda asked looking at me intently.  I cleared my throat.  "I'm fine" I said getting up to make dinner.

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