together forever

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Michael pov:

I woke up and went to have a shower, when I got out I looked in the mirror and I hated what I was seeing I looked at the make up and then emily's word started repeating in my head and I decided I'm not going to wear any but it's for her not for me or anyone else. I walked away and I got dressed, when I was sorting my hair out I seen Emily waking up in the mirror so I went and sat next to her."good morning" I said whilst hugging her.

"morning" emily smiled "is that what mi think it is?" emily asked whilst putting her hand on my cheek.

"I'm doing this for you" emily smiled and hugged me again

"beautiful" she whispered in my ears, she went to go and have a shower so I went downstairs and made breakfast. as I was walking into the kitchen I heard prince and paris in the family room

"hell no, who does he think he is" prince said

"I know and I just got asked on twitter if I like the nasty person" paris said

"did you reply?"

"no and a smiley face, that's actually annoyed me"

"what's annoyed you?" I asked whilst sitting down opposite them

"justin bieber" they both said

"who is he?"

"Canadian boy who is a singer and is now a teen idol and he thinks he is going to be the king of pop"


"he sounds like a girl and he had a cheek to argue with your fans and then follow me and prince"

"so we blocked him" prince smiled

"why is he arguing with my fans?"

"when he said he is going to be the new king of pop all of your fans went ww3 on him and he started tweeting saying they are disrespectful and they should respect the future king" prince said

"yeah he don't even like his fans or care about them all he likes is their money, I mean what singer would stand on a balcony and spit on them" paris said with a disgusted face

"that's horrible" I said and then emily walked in

"care to explain why my 2 children are worldwide trending on twitter?" emily asked

"we're what" they asked and looked back at the phones

"this is too funny" prince laughed

"so what's going on?" emily asked

"justin bieber" me and the children said at the same time

"what about him?"

emily pov:

ha that bieber thinks he can replace my husband, there's no way in hell he will and I know for a fact that when he gets to probably 20 maybe 21 he will quit to live the high life and then he will return when the money runs out.

"well he seems like a nice person" I said sarcastically

"what do you want for breakfast?" michael asked

"lucky charms please" prince and paris replied then blanket walked in

"well good morning sleeping beauty" michael smiled

"it's not that late"

"sweetie it's just gone half 9"


"do you want some lucky charms?" michael asked

"yes please" blanket replied with a bright smile, I got up and went to help michael.

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