Chapter Two

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Chapter 2

The crystal orb glowed brighter as a long, perfectly manicured fingernail was ran lightly over its pristine surface. A hazy image of the stormy waves danced inside it.

A small ship straddled the rolling waves, pitching wildly to and fro to the rhythm of Eris' finger as she traced the pattern of the waves across the ball. Small blurred figures of distressed crewmen charged across the slippery deck, tossed from one side to another by the force of the waves beating upon the wooden surface. 'Ahhh look at them run,' the chaos Goddess mused, picking up the crystal in a claw-like grip and lowered herself into a chair crafted from droplets of the ocean.

Deep beneath the rolling waves of the ocean, suspended in the inky waters halfway between the land and the oceans depths, a single translucent orb formed the chaos Goddess' temporary lair. The surface of her abode was decorated with tiny pinpricks of light, artificial stars that formed their own unique constellations. As the goddess spoke they seemed to writhe and change shape, fluently gliding over the surface of the temporary orb as though each constellation was its own creature.

Although the divine goddess adored the enclosed space of the magical vessel, and found it more than appropriate for accommodating her needs whilst causing chaos beneath the waves her true home as bidden by the tales of old was Tartarus: The realm of chaos and discord. It was the home of anything without order, yet the goddess found no joy among its shifting sands, instead it was just a place for ignorant travellers to discover and become lost in.

Eris sighed, running a hand through her ebony hair, a harsh grimace curling her lips as she did so. 'I must admit, I do get rather bored. Surely repeated Chaos is not Chaos at all?' she smirked, a small ugly look upon her perfect face, the star monsters squirmed slightly in anticipation of her next comment. 'What we need is real Chaos, pure discord!' She laughed melodically in glee at the thought of the people who had thwarted her chaos like clockwork all running and screaming as buildings toppled and a wild wind swept up the unsuspecting. A fiery sky lit the cities alight. Her fantasy drew on, her cackling laugh rousing the constellation beasts. The long sea monster grumbled lightly, Eris took the queue and glanced back into the waters inside the crystal orb which had calmed considerably since her minor distraction. The small ship with the orange sails was now gaining on the far grander ship of Syracuse royalty. She had witnessed this scene many times, Sinbad caught up with the Prince. He and his renegades fought off the crew and intended on stealing the 'book of peace', an ancient artefact that sustained life and peace in all the seven cities.

However Sinbad rethought his decision and attempted to leave with little more than a box of treasure.... “Oh, Cetus?” The constellation above her squirmed, a hazy shape taking its place.

From the darkness emerged the likeness of a large snake, its grey body coiled about itself. Small silver spots dotted up its spine formed the constellation of the creature. Huge fan like fins protruded from the sides of its head, two large orange eyes set upon its face. Finally large slimy tentacles grew from its large flat nose, forming a deadly curtain over the vile cavern that was its mouth.

The sea monster growled in response to her summoning. “Why don't you go and spoil our fine young boys’ party?" The creature coiled around itself tighter and shimmered as it began to disperse into the ocean. “Wait!" Eris threw up her hand, grabbing at an invisible rope and pulling Cetus back into the orb, he grumbled in annoyance. "What is that?" Her eyes opened wide as she traced a smile like shape across the surface of the image, her finger followed a glowing grin that tore at the sky, its crooked mouth bright with the white light from within. A similar grin decorated the goddess' face; she knew exactly what this was.

A way out.

Eris beamed. 'Come my friends, let us see where this leads.' and with that she dispersed into the murky depths.

Water rushed past the smoky form of the goddess as she sped through the inky liquid, the grin of light her soul target. One second more and her body burst from the waves, towering over the world in her godly form. She reached for the light, the power of the rip pulling her upwards, the small boats beneath her crashed upon the waves nearly toppling with the force. One moment the divine being was there. Then she was gone, devoured by the tear.

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