Chapter 9

“Alyssa you have security camera’s right?” Adam asked walking down stairs.


“Good, now we can figure out who has been killing everyone.” Adam said.

“Adam, no we can’t the power went out.”

“Great, now are we going to figure this out?”

“We could call the cops.” Taylor suggested.

“Or we could look at what we know.” Robert suggested.

“Why don’t you want to call the cops?” Adam asked Robert. Robert was silent.

“Wait, if Elizabeth was murdered outside, the outside cameras would have caught it.” Alyssa said leading everyone to the basement.

Once everyone was in the basement, Alyssa led the group into what she liked to call the footage room. Taylor was the last to enter, and she locked the door, just in case Robert wasn’t the killer, and the killer was some stranger. Personally, Taylor didn’t believe Robert was the killer. Taylor knew he was strange, but being strange doesn’t make you a killer.

Alyssa was busy trying to get an image on the screen.

“Nothing,” Alyssa said disappointment thick in her voice.

“Now what?” Taylor asked.

“We wait, or call the cops.” Adam said turning the door knob only to find it was locked.

“Who locked the door?” Adam asked looking at Robert.

“I did.” Taylor spoke up from behind Adam.

“Why?” Adam questioned.

“In case the killer is out there.” Taylor said.

“Or so you could kill us one by one.” Robert said looking at Taylor.

“What do you mean?” Taylor asked

“What I mean is, I saw Taylor get murdered on my way here. And the killer was wearing all black.

“Why didn’t you tell us earlier?” Adam asked.

“I never really got the chance, plus I thought it was a practical joke for when I came over later.” Robert said.

“Alyssa told us you were grounded.” Taylor said.

“What? No, my mom loves me too much to ground me.” Robert said.

“Now thinking about it, Alyssa was the one who found Phil dead.” Adam said. They all looked at Alyssa.

“You caught me. Surprised?” Alyssa asked shooting Adam twice in the forehead.

Taylor quickly ran out with Robert.

“Here.” Robert said giving Taylor her IPhone.

“Thanks.” Taylor replied as her and Robert were running down the hall.

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